On May 21, 2015, I came across this March 2015 scientific poll by Ekos on immigration to Canada.

No surprise, since a Google search shows no mention in Canada’s largest mass media sources: The CBC, The Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail and the National Post.

The Huffington Post Canada, Metronews.ca and the Winnipeg Free Press are the only mid-sized Canadian sites that mention it in the first page of results.

And with the results, we can see why.

The updated headline on the Metronews.ca article reads: “Forty-one per cent say ‘too many’ minorities immigrating to Canada: survey.

For a country that was founded by Europeans (primarily British and French), and was 96% European Canadian as recently as 1971, and whose population was 76% European Canadian as of the latest census in 2011, Canada’s corporate-controlled mass media is absolutely intent on covering up the results of such a survey in their biggest publications, and engaging in trash journalism in their mid-tier publications in order to promote the false notion that Canada is both a democracy and has fully embraced multiculturalism.

The original title of the article, still preserved in the URL, was “Survey reveals Canadians’ racist leanings,” but they realized that was over the top, and had to modify it, because you can’t so easily dismiss the concerns of 41% of surveyed Canadians, which is relatively representative of the Canadian population at large, because it is a scientific poll with a sizable sample size.

The trash journalism first starts with the accusation of racism, then, as is common parlance, then takes the case of a single Sikh immigrant who is unrepresentative of all immigrants, let alone non-European immigrants to Canada, as he became a highly successful businessman, presumably having millions of dollars in net worth by now.

It quotes him as saying that Canada is like heaven on Earth to him, and has him asking how those Canadians would deal with so many visible minorities in heaven. Indeed Canada is a heaven to many immigrants, and the reason for that is because of the culture and institutions and the European people who created and founded them and this country.

There are so many different conceptions of “heaven,” and the mass media is generally duplicitous in invoking religion to further their agenda, due to being at the forefront of destroying any significant religious involvement in political and social life.

Heaven may indeed be intended as a place of universal brotherhood and sisterhood, without racial, ethnic or cultural distinction, but for the time being, in this life, those are very much part of the human experience, history and in the case of race and ethnicity — in our very DNA.

If it’s just a matter of universal principles that any society adopt, then why can’t India, and particularly the state of Punjab in India, create the conditions for a heaven on Earth? Perhaps they someday can, according to the standards of the person they quoted, but for the time being, Canada is his heaven.

Later, the article perpetrates the common and false notion of equating race simply with skin colour, by quoting a Toronto city councillor, in saying: “I think that we were welcomed to this county. I would hate to think that the attitudes of Canadians are going to change simply because my skin colour is not white and my mother speaks with an accent.

If race is simply about skin colour, then why is it that the different races have statistically significant risk profiles for certain diseases, and have to be given different dosages of certain drugs, and why do IQ scores consistently differ between the races over time across the world?

In addition, the article is duplicitous for perpetrating the misperception that the 41% of Canadians surveyed are against the immigration of most or nearly all visible minorities, without regard to any economic considerations, whereas most of them may just only want to cut immigration of visible minorities by half, and a large portion may even want to significantly cut or even halt immigration of all people, including Europeans.

If we had an objective mass media, intent on getting to the bottom of the story, they would’ve balanced it by interviewing some of those who expressed the same opinion as those surveyed, and found out why they say that, and presented the case for why too much immigration by non-Europeans into a country with European culture, institutions and laws would be fundamentally detrimental to the country in the long-run.

Excerpts from the Council of European Canadians first-year anniversary post:

“Today, May 22, 2015, marks the first year of the Council of European Canadians. We are the only online publication dedicated to the enhancement of the Anglo-Quebecois and European character of Canada.”

“We believe that Eurocanadians are a people rooted in history, the founders of the Canadian nation, the creators of the institutions, modern infrastructure, laws, churches, curriculum, holidays of Canada, with their own unique ethnicity, Christian values, mannerisms, looks; molded by long, deep links with England-France and Western civilization generally.”

Multicultural Canada is an artificial imposition manufactured in corporate backrooms, secret meetings, and totalitarian universities, by globalist elites and faceless bureaucrats devoid of any loyalty to any homeland, peddlers of generic values determined to create a miscegenated and rootless population with fake, weak, dispersed families enslaved to banks and fabricated enjoyments with fatuous smiles evoked by facile notions of tolerance devoid of historical research and biological grounding.”

We believe we can defeat these deceivers. It will take time, but we will win. We represent what is best in Canada’s history. We speak for all the past generations who built this nation, the silent majority increasingly fed up with the manipulations and ready to push back against the insidious program to marginalize, ridicule, and emasculate Eurocanadians.”

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