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My email subsequent to this October 9, 2013 Slate article, Tommy Morrison AIDS Death: HIV denialism victims in South Africa and the U.S., by Dr. Kent Sepkowitz: Dr. Sepkowitz, You claimed in your article about Tommy Morrison, referring to Dr. Peter Duesberg: “The simplest to refute is his claim that HIV had not been transmitted […]

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On September 14, I was a guest for three hours on Fakeologist Radio, speaking about 9/11 and the AIDS scam. The episode can be found here. A good preface to my discussion was my September 8 two-hour summary of my research into 9/11 on Exposing Faux Capitalism. The AIDS scam discussion starts at 2h8m. Here […]

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Following up with my 2-hour summary of research into 9/11 on my September 8, 2013 Exposing Faux Capitalism show, I am scheduled to be a guest on Fakeologist Radio on September 14 at 9:11 PM Eastern. I plan to discuss 9/11, the AIDS scam and alternative economics. For more, see Ab’s site, fakeologist.com.

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On September 16, 2011, I fired the opening salvo of my public appeal to George Noory of Coast to Coast AM to cover the $300 billion AIDS scam, after I realized that Noory has been deliberately gatekeeping the AIDS scam, yet found time to give three hours of coverage to the far less significant matter […]

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Joe Rogan, comedian, martial artist and host of the Joe Rogan Experience, interviewed the most prominent critic of the AIDS scam, Dr. Peter Duesberg, on his November 7, 2012 podcast. Rogan revealed that he had first read about the AIDS scam back in the early 90s in Spin Magazine, which is the publication that investigative […]

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