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I received this notification from Ellen Brown on June 10, in reference to her latest article, California’s top two primary eliminates third-party rivals. “Thanks very much for your support in my race for California state treasurer! I lost but did pretty well overall, getting more votes than any other third party or independent candidate for […]

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Today is the day for deciding who will become California’s next Treasurer, and monetary reformer and author, Ellen Brown, whom I have interviewed twice, is a candidate in the election. Vote if you’re in California and still have time!

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Ellen Brown, president of the Public Banking Institute and candidate for Treasurer of California, has a new radio show, It’s Our Money, every Wednesday from 3 to 4 PM Eastern on the Progressive Radio Network, prn.fm. For more on Ellen Brown, including my past interviews with her, see here.

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Ellen Brown was on the Progressive Radio News Hour with Stephen Lendman on January 26, 2014, and here were some of the highlights: – Her candidacy for Treasurer of California, where she intends to invest $75 billion of public funds in a public bank, instead of speculative Wall Street investments. – The third annual Public […]

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As announced on Bill Still’s Still Report, Ellen Brown will be running for the position of Treasurer in California. The good news is that the position is elected by the people, instead of being appointed by the legislature or any executive. The Treasurer has a $75 billion investment fund, where some funds could be moved […]

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