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Coast to Coast AM

George Noory, full-time host of Coast to Coast AM since 2003, advocated the bankster gold standard on the June 2, 2011 episode of Coast to Coast AM.

At 41:07, he says:

Well, there’s no doubt the Federal Reserve is screwing up our entire system. We should’ve gone back to a gold standard a long time ago without the Federal Reserve.

George, do you mean the official gold standard without the Federal Reserve that existed between 1900 and 1913, where there was a banking panic in 1907 that the very banksters who conspired to form the Federal Reserve used to justify its creation?

Or do you mean the de facto gold standard that existed in 1873 when silver was demonetized, which caused a major panic followed by panics in 1893 and 1896?

For more information on the failures of a gold standard, see here, and for more information on Coast to Coast AM, see my article, The questionable guests of Coast to Coast AM.

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