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Korelin Economics ReportI made a brief appearance on the Korelin Economics Report on January 14, 2014 to discuss the Heritage Foundation’s 2014 Index of Economic Freedom, with Canada holding its 6th place finish out of 178, and the U.S. slipping to 12th place.

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Canada has held its sixth place ranking out of 178 ranked countries in the conservative Heritage Foundation’s 2014 Index of Economic Freedom, with an overall score of 80.2 in the free category, with the U.S. dropping to 12th place, with an overall score of 75.5 in the mostly free category.

Canada exceeds the United States in 8 out of 10 components of economic freedom, being surpassed only in government spending and labor freedom:

Canada vs. the United States
Property Rights 90.0 vs. 80.0
Freedom From Corruption 87.7 vs. 72.0
Government Spending 47.3 vs. 48.1
Fiscal Freedom 79.7 vs. 65.8
Business Freedom 89.3 vs. 89.2
Labor Freedom 83.1 vs. 97.2
Monetary Freedom 76.3 vs. 75.4
Trade Freedom 88.3 vs. 86.8
Investment Freedom 80.0 vs. 70.0
Financial Freedom 80.0 vs. 70.0

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