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Ron Paul, member of the United States House of...

From Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (www.worldaffairsbrief.com) on March 16, 2012:

After Super Tuesday, it’s officially official: Ron Paul won’t go into Tampa with enough delegates to win the presidential nomination.

Therefore, while I didn’t hear of Ron Paul throwing 9/11 Truth under the bus as he did in 2008, he also didn’t embrace it, and barring some miracle through a brokered convention, he won’t be the Republican presidential candidate and effectively had nothing to lose by taking 9/11 Truth seriously, without being a full-fledged “Truther.”

Let this be a lesson to those appeasers who water down their message in the hopes of achieving a political breakthrough, despite being outsiders up against the big political machine that makes sure its hand-picked appeasers are filtered, chosen and kept under control.

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