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Previously, I wrote the article, The Economic Collapse Blog throws its 14 reasons for nationalizing the Federal Reserve out the window in just four months, where I noted how in November 2011, they called for nationalizing the Fed, and four months later, called for Congress to shut it down and throw away the key.

What could explain such a radical shift in such a short period of time?

I think the clue lies in the article’s title and editorial commentary in saying that Ben Bernanke said why the gold standard is bad.

As I have pointed out, LewRockwell.com had published 72 articles by the Economic Collapse Blog by November 12, 2011, but only the depressing ones about the current dysfunctional U.S. government and not the positive articles that Michael Snyder publishes as well, such as actually fixing the Federal Reserve.

His articles are also picked up and referenced by The Daily Bell, whose founder, as I have pointed out, admitted on his own bio to advising and consulting to large international banks, despite portraying an anti-establishment front.

LewRockwell.com has also published many articles by the Daily Bell, especially those blasting “central banks,” while failing to draw the distinction between public and private central banks.

You will see references to the Economic Collapse Blog articles on The Daily Bell, that, by their own words, is a fierce opponent of central banking, despite large international banks being the primary owners of the world’s largest central bank, the Federal Reserve, and being strange bedfellows with that very privately owned central bank.

Subsequent articles by Michael Snyder will show whether he has truly abandoned his call for nationalizing the Fed and whether his positive pro-government solution-oriented articles were too much for Lew Rockwell and The Daily Bell to take, and if they pressured him to drop his talk of improving government in the interest of securing more article publications and references.

For more on the problems with the gold standard, see my article, The gold double standard, and my article on prominent LewRockwell.com writer Gary North, Gary North’s “free market gold standard” is also a fool’s gold standard.

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