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Alex JonesFrom my June 30, 2012 article, Live Free or Die Radio with Lee Rogers is the most dangerous talk show in the alternative media, I pointed out that Alex Thomas of the Intel Hub was scheduled to be a guest on Lee Rogers’ show, only for him to cancel at the last minute.

I speculated that he likely cancelled due to finding out that Rogers was a strong critic of Alex Jones, and that going on the show would risk putting himself on Jones’ blacklist.

On the July 13, 2012 episode of Live Free or Die Radio, Lee Rogers revealed (at 1:56:45) that his subsequent attempts to even elicit a response from Alex Thomas had failed, and I am now 100% confident that my guess was correct, that he cancelled due to fearing Alex Jones’ blacklist.

Whether those who avoid his blacklist because they fear losing listeners, readers, contacts and money, their primary reasons are best known to those individuals themselves.

When I was co-hosting Right to Redress with Steve Allen and Jason Erb on Restore the Republic Radio in 2009, several of us wanted to start a show called Alex Jones Revisited, in response to questions we and others had about Alex Jones based on his own call for his listeners to research for themselves about the claims he makes.

In response, and without any notification to me, owner of Restore the Republic, Gary Franchi, held a conference call and acted like a spoiled baby and informed the owner of the network that despite Restore the Republic Radio having no official connection with Restore the Republic, he planned on cutting all ties and said we had to choose a different name for the network if we went through with our plan for the new show. To the credit of the network’s owner, and as an example for all network owners, he didn’t back down.

It’s revealing that on the May 31, 2012 episode of Live Free or Die Radio, Lee Rogers mentioned that heĀ  had raised questions several years ago about Alex Jones to Gary Franchi, only to notice that a few months later, Franchi was a guest on Jones’ program.

Apparently Franchi didn’t have the same concerns, but his behaviour which I had personally witnessed, showed me that not only did he lack discernment, but that it wasn’t really all about the truth and saving the country like he and so many other so-called patriots claim to be in the movement for.

For the benefit of everyone, I am reposting the description that appeared on the Daily Paul on April 29, 2009, to determine for yourself if the show warranted Franchi’s actions.

Are you tired of Alex Jones and this giver of no hope attitude?

Do you believe much of the information he reports on he is wrong or misinformed about?

Do you want actual solutions of what we can do as average american citizens to these problems he claims we face?

We are introducing Alex Jones Revisited a new radio show that will bring fact NOT fiction back to reality as well as provide real solutions of what you can do to take action and protect yourself.

We will fact check the reports from Alex Jones and give you the truth on what he is wrong about and also what he is right about!

Every Monday Wednesday and Friday 7pm eastern 6pm central


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Live Free or Die Radio with Lee RogersIt’s billed as the most dangerous talk show in America, and Live Free or Die Radio with Lee Rogers is, in my view, certainly the most dangerous talk show in the alternative media.

Lee Rogers revealed that one time when he called into Alex Jones’ show, they deleted his call from the Infowars archive, while it remains in the GCN archive, which Alex doesn’t have direct control over.

The latest example of how dangerous the show is came when Alex Thomas of The Intel Hub cancelled his scheduled appearance on June 19, 2012. I think Alex Thomas was probably unaware of Lee Rogers’ outspoken criticism of Alex Jones, only to soon realize what he had gotten himself into, and had to bail out if he wanted to stay in Jones’ good graces and not be on his blacklist like Ted Pike, Jeff Rense, Michael Rivero, or, temporarily, like Jason Bermas and Texe Marrs.

Not genuflecting at the altar of Alex Jones can cause you problems if you get big enough in the alternative media, like when George Whitehurst-Berry‘s second-most-listened-to show among online listeners on GCN (only behind Alex Jones) suddenly came to an end after four and a half years, and his archives were immediately removed (an unprecedented action for such a long-running show).

For more on Lee Rogers, see my articles here.

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