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The Daily BellOn January 1, 2012, I wrote the article, I call bollocks on the Daily Bell’s reported monthly page hits, in which I questioned the veracity of their claim that they¬†“regularly receive upwards of 20-25 million hits a month.”

I documented how, since then, they shot the messenger as their Alexa ranking tanked. They claim that they had 17 million page views just for the month of June 2012, showing that their earlier 20-25 million hits claim likely wasn’t a typo.

I pointed out how Mish Shedlock’s site had a higher Alexa ranking — and still does — and his independent confirmation of readership numbers shows he had 21 million page hits for the entire year in 2011.

As for my page hits, independent confirmation is available from WordPress on my homepage, and anyone can track the daily numbers by tracking the cumulative page hits from day-to-day.

I provided a critical analysis of a recent article by the Daily Bell on tally sticks on my August 5, 2012 episode of Exposing Faux Capitalism.

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English: A deid (dead) Bell from Glasgow. Date...

One month since the Daily Bell ended comments on April 25, 2012, its Alexa ranking has tanked, showing that by May 27, it had a one-month ranking of 106,899, a 7-day ranking of 96,710, and a 3-month ranking of 71,591.

Once its three-month ranking falls below 100,000, it will no longer warrant Alexa’s daily compilation of in-depth statistics. I see that it has fallen so far that the confidence factor of the visitor demographic information is down from a high level of confidence to only medium.

If this trend continues, the Daily Bell will have to fold and start up as another site, appearing sufficiently different for most of its readers not to realize that it’s a case of Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss.

To those who ask what one individual can do to affect change, it was the efforts of several individuals who challenged the suspicious and highly questionable statements by the Daily Bell and some of its supporters that eventually led the DB to pull the plug on comments.

For more on the Daily Bell, see my articles here.

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Image representing Alexa as depicted in CrunchBase

In their December 31, 2011 editorial, A Happy New Year and Many New Schemes!, Daily Bell founder and Editor-in-Chief, Anthony Wile, wrote:

First, allow me to wish all our readers and viewers a happy new year. This has been a year of growth for our modest publication, and we regularly receive upwards of 20-25 million hits a month.

It’s likely an honest mistake on their part, in saying month instead of year. However, I saw two comments on the number, and they responded, not indicating any realization that the number is definitely incorrect for the timeframe of a month.

There’s no way they are getting 20-25 million hits a month, as Mish Shedlock’s globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.com site was ranked far higher by Alexa.com, in the 14,000th to 35,000th range in 2011, while the Daily Bell has fluctuated between the 30,000th to 100,000th range, and Mish’s stats show he had 21,262,533 page hits for all of 2011.

For more on The Daily Bell, see my articles:
1) Daily Bell interviewee Ingo Bischoff undermines their basis for a free market in money, saying such a thing doesn’t even exist
2) The Daily Bell, whose founder “continues to advise and consult to large international banks,” claims Zionism isn’t support for a Jewish homeland specifically in the biblical lands
3) Daily Bell interviewee challenges their Anglo-American narrative
4) The Daily Bell critically examines the Anglo-American establishment, yet what about some of their contributors?
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One of the topics I have given prominent coverage to over the years is the $300+ billion AIDS scam.

My site — a part-time unpaid effort — has surpassed the federally funded AIDS propaganda site, DenyingAIDS.blogspot.com, which is managed by full-time AIDS propagandist, Seth Kalichman of the University of Connecticut.

As of November 23, 2011, FauxCapitalist.com was ranked in 750,994th place by Alexa.com out of nearly 30 million ranked websites, while Seth Kalichman’s AIDS propaganda site was only ranked in 820,841st place.

For more on the AIDS scam, see my articles here.

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From Alexa.com on October 23, 2011:

My listing of these sites aren’t an endorsement of any of them, though I have found interesting articles on them from time to time.

1) infowars.com 1,921
2) lewrockwell.com 5,420
3) prisonplanet.com 5,435
4) rense.com 6,025
5) dailypaul.com 8,204
6) ronpaulforums.com 10,011
7) activistpost.com 16,655
8) thenewamerican.com 28,610
9) theintelhub.com 31,491
10) gcnlive.com 52,946
11) thedailybell.com 53,148
12) washingtonsblog.com 55,212
13) newswithviews.com 74,408
14) federaljack.com 135,691
15) bobtuskin.com 221,822

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