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Inspired by over 100 likes of Anthony Migchels’ Real Currencies Facebook page in just three months, I created one for Exposing Faux Capitalism here.

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Top 10Here are the Top 10 most downloaded episodes of Exposing Faux Capitalism with Jason Erb on Oracle Broadcasting in 2012, according to Amazon’s third-party statistics software:

1) July 22, 2012
Interview with Anthony Migchels of realcurrencies.wordpress.com for the last 90 mins., and read the articles: Greeks turn to new digital currencies, not gold, and The Daily Bell shoots the messenger as it sinks into inefficient obscurity.

2) July 29, 2012
The Colorado shooting and private property rights, Alex Thomas avoids Lee Rogers’ show out of fear for Alex Jones’ blacklist, Iceland’s President an antidote to anti-government pessimism porn peddlers, Google’s Web search double standard, and more.

3) June 24, 2012
What the Constitution really says about money, how it doesn’t prevent private individuals from coining currency, what is legal tender, Money Power traps, and how a plank of the Communist Manifesto doesn’t just call for a central bank.

4) September 02, 2012
Hour 1: Articles from fauxcapitalist.com. Hour 2: Interview with excluded KW byelection candidates, John Turmel, who promotes an “Argentine Solution” for our debt woes, and Liz Rowley, who champions the inclusion of all candidates in public forums.

5) July 08, 2012 07-08
Interview with George Whitehurst-Berry, former host of GCN’s, “Crash! Are You Ready?,” and currently of subotaisbow.com, starting at 22 minutes in. First 20 minutes was on recent articles at my blog, fauxcapitalist.com.

6) August 19, 2012
Hour 1: Interview with local Libertarian candidate, Allan Dettweiler. Hour 2: A heated discussion between Stefan Molyneux and Jan Irvin on gold, RecoveringAustrians.wordpress.com a Top 40 Austrian Economics blog, and future guest Mike Sledge’s finding.

7) December 23, 2012
The Alex Jones, Matt Drudge, George Noory, Mark Dice nexus. Alex Jones’ bogus petition to deport CNN’s Piers Morgan. A caller on the non-initiation of force principle, divide and conquer and herd mentality. Article on the third industrial revolution.

8) August 26, 2012
Hour 1: Interview with financial analyst Joseph Meyer of straightmoneyanalysis.com. Hour 2: Austrian School supporter Tom Woods admits gold has no intrinsic value. Still don’t think government agencies are capable of being efficient?, and 9/11 findings

9) November 25, 2012
Private property in China vs. the U.S., Wikipedia violates its own “neutral point of view” policy, C2C AM bans peaceful anarchists, the Daily Bell and impression management, Amazon blocks Judy Wood book, and 9/11 inflammatory and unscientific rhetoric.

10) July 15, 2012
Hour 1: Dennis Marker’s upcoming appearance and a few articles at fauxcapitalist.com. Hour 2: Interview with Dennis Marker, author of “Fifteen Steps to Corporate Feudalism.” thefifteensteps.com

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Anthony MigchelsCongratulations to Anthony Migchels, author of realcurrencies.wordpress.com, for his other site, recoveringaustrians.wordpress.com, making it into Commodity HQ’s Top 40 Austrian Economics Blogs.

Anthony has sourced many of my articles at Exposing Faux Capitalism, and it’s good that at least one site critical of Austrian Economics is included in a Top 40 list of Austrian Economics blogs.

I previously interviewed Anthony on my July 23, 2012 episode of my radio show.

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Anthony MigchelsOn the July 22, 2012 episode of Exposing Faux Capitalism with Jason Erb, I interviewed Anthony Migchels, monetary reformer and owner of the Real Currencies blog (starting after 30 mins).

We discussed:
– How Ludwig von Mises was brought to the United States and was funded with grants from the Rockefeller Fund
– How Austrian Economics isn’t a grassroots alternative to the current debt slavery system
– How the Volker Fund was established in the 1930s and was used to put Mises’ works into circulation when they would’ve otherwise been obscure
– How Gary North was on the payroll of the Volker fund and how he admits that a free market gold standard has never existed
– The Daily Bell site as an advocate of Austrian economics while its founder, Anthony Wile, admitted to consulting for large international banks
– Raised questions about G. Edward Griffin and his book, The Creature from Jekyll Island, regarding its misinformation and how he is a lifetime member of the John Birch Society, which the late Eustace Mullins said was founded by banker money
– The “dispute” between Lew Rockwell, the late Murray Rothbard and the Koch Brothers
– Lew Rockwell was influenced by Murray Rothbard to eventually hate the state, yet he was Ron Paul’s chief of staff in the 1980s.
– Why it was named the Mises Institute, and not the Hayek Institute
– David Rockefeller, former Chairman of Chase Manhattan and a supposed enemy of Austrian economics, was a student of the famed Austrian economist, F.A. Hayek, and reminisced about those times in his Memoirs
– Solutions, including local and regional interest-free currencies like Anthony’s Gelre in the Netherlands

I also covered the articles, Greeks turn to new digital currencies, not gold, during a crisis, and The Daily Bell shoots the messenger as it sinks into inefficient obscurity.

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Anthony MigchelsAnthony Migchels, a monetary reformer and founder of the Netherlands first regional currency, the Gelre, is scheduled to be my guest on Exposing Faux Capitalism with Jason Erb, from 1:30 to 3 PM Eastern on July 22, 2012.

Anthony is a regular contributor to Henry Makow’s site, henrymakow.com, and has his own monetary reform blog at realcurrencies.wordpress.com.

Previously, I interviewed Dennis Marker, author of Fifteen Steps to Corporate Feudalism, and George Whitehurst-Berry, former host of GCN’s “Crash! Are You Ready?”

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The Daily Bell’s featured biography on April 25, 2012 is Ezra Pound.

I was expecting them to diss him for his support of “fiat money,” and saw that they made no reference to his support for Social Credit whatsoever.

Regional, interest-free currency advocate, Anthony Migchels, has pointed out how John Bircher, G. Edward Griffin, took Eustace Mullins’ work from The Secrets of the Federal Reserve — which advocated Social Credit — and steered his readers toward the Money Power’s so-called “free market” gold standard paradise of usury.

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The Daily BellIn my March 31, 2012 article, An Infowars.com reader realizes what the Daily Bell site is really all about, I pointed out how they are known to fail to distinguish between private and public central banks.

Under increased scrutiny from myself, Anthony Migchels, Memehunter and others who realize what the Daily Bell is really all about, I noticed they are finally drawing a distinction between public and private central banks.

In their April 19, 2012 article, BIS: Asian Central Banks Are Pretty Good!, they refer to “[m]onopoly private/public central banking.

Predictably, they proceed to bash both in order to direct their readers to a so-called free market gold standard that even Austrian economist Gary North admits has never existed in history, and which I demonstrated is also a fool’s gold standard, just like a so-called government-guaranteed gold standard.

Gary North’s so-called free market gold standard is also a government-guaranteed gold standard, since it relies upon government enforcement of contracts, which is essential to the Money Power being able to enforce their ultimately unpayable debts that accrue compound interest, and collecting your assets once you default.

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