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Jan HelfeldI helped to arrange the February 20, 2013 Jan Helfeld interview on Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Monteith.

I previously interviewed Jan in the last segment of my February 3, 2013 episode of Exposing Faux Capitalism, about his recent interviews with prominent Washington politicians and political commentators about the limited role of government.

Previously, I helped arrange interviews for author Dennis Marker, Judge Douglass Bartley, financial analyst Joseph Meyer, Austrian economist Dr. Walter Block, and AIDS dissident Dr. Peter Duesberg.

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The Daily BellIn my March 31, 2012 article, An Infowars.com reader realizes what the Daily Bell site is really all about, I pointed out how they are known to fail to distinguish between private and public central banks.

Under increased scrutiny from myself, Anthony Migchels, Memehunter and others who realize what the Daily Bell is really all about, I noticed they are finally drawing a distinction between public and private central banks.

In their April 19, 2012 article, BIS: Asian Central Banks Are Pretty Good!, they refer to “[m]onopoly private/public central banking.

Predictably, they proceed to bash both in order to direct their readers to a so-called free market gold standard that even Austrian economist Gary North admits has never existed in history, and which I demonstrated is also a fool’s gold standard, just like a so-called government-guaranteed gold standard.

Gary North’s so-called free market gold standard is also a government-guaranteed gold standard, since it relies upon government enforcement of contracts, which is essential to the Money Power being able to enforce their ultimately unpayable debts that accrue compound interest, and collecting your assets once you default.

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