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From the March 29, 2012 news release, Ontario Increases Funding Per Student:

The 2012-13 Grants for Student Needs (GSN) will rise this coming year to $11,189 per student. That is an increase of about $4,000 per student since 2003.

According to StatsCan, the median Canadian family income in 2013 was $76,000.

From the Ernst & Young 2013 Tax Calculator, the tax bill for an Ontario median family income household was $16,967, where less than 35% of that would be provincial tax.

That is, the provincial tax bill would not exceed $6000.

Does it make any sense that the per-student funding is higher than the median family household income?

When it is said that private education isn’t affordable for most with the same approach as public education, that is true, and that’s precisely because the public education system isn’t financially sustainable.

In a free market of allowing for an opt-out of public education, education wouldn’t be this expensive, just as food and basic shelter isn’t expensive enough for the vast majority of people in the Western world.

The claim is made that education is a public benefit and therefore the public should pay for public education, regardless of how many children one has who attend public school. Indeed education is a public benefit, but how are families incapable of providing that benefit to their own children, through private means?

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Continuing to buck past notions of being a highly protectionist country, as of 2011, Canada has one of the lowest average tariff rates in the world.

The conservative Heritage Foundation ranked Canada as having the 9th lowest average tariff rate out of 183 countries, at 1%. Its southern neighbour, the United States, was ranked in 44th place, with an 80% higher tariff rate, and just slightly lower than Mexico’s, in 45th place.

Other notable countries are Hong Kong, Libya, Macau, Singapore and Switzerland, with a 0% average tariff rate.

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