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Gary north

It’s now 12 years, 2 months and 15 days after Gary North’s apocalyptic Y2K predictions failed to materialize, and not many days after that since he scrubbed all references to it from his website, GaryNorth.com.

Thankfully, there is archive.org, which shows his Chicken Little fear-mongering in all its glory.

On October 11, 2011, North took the opportunity of Steve Jobs’ untimely passing to spout off on how Apple’s fortunes were tied to that of Newton’s apple, and that both were inevitably going down.

The closing price on Apple shares the day before his article was $388.81 USD per share.

As of March 15, 2012, in anticipation of the new iPad 3, Apple shares traded at over $600 per share — a 54% increase in just five months since his bogus prediction.

Indeed, Apple stock will eventually go down from its Steve Jobs-era high. North didn’t put a date to his prediction, but such a huge increase in such a short time effectively shatters his prediction.

Less than two full months after his article, he wrote another one, saying:

I have always suspected it. Apple as a company is over-hyped. The company’s new iPad users’ support strategy proves it.

He then went on to complain about his customer experience, and admits:

Do I have a bad attitude? No doubt. But it is in response to what I regard as a customer-insulting company.

Yes, they are such a customer-insulting company, that consumers continue to turn out in droves for Apple’s smartphones and tablets, instead of RIM’s, whose market share has massively tanked.

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Coast to Coast AM

So said Alex Jones on his October 6, 2011 broadcast when he interviewed George Noory (starting at 8:25).

Well, he is the second most listened to radio talk show host in the world. 16 million on terrestrial radio.

However, from the Coast to Coast AM website itself (emphasis mine):

Coast to Coast AM airs on more than 500 stations in the U.S., as well as Canada, Mexico and Guam, and is heard by nearly three million weekly listeners.

Surely Coast to Coast AM would get around to updating that page if their listener numbers were that much higher. The 16 million daily listeners number is off by at least a factor of 26.

For more on George Noory, see my article George Noory advocates the bankster gold standard, and The opening salvo of my public appeal to George Noory of Coast to Coast AM to cover the $300 billion AIDS scam.

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Coast to Coast AM

George Noory, full-time host of Coast to Coast AM since 2003, advocated the bankster gold standard on the June 2, 2011 episode of Coast to Coast AM.

At 41:07, he says:

Well, there’s no doubt the Federal Reserve is screwing up our entire system. We should’ve gone back to a gold standard a long time ago without the Federal Reserve.

George, do you mean the official gold standard without the Federal Reserve that existed between 1900 and 1913, where there was a banking panic in 1907 that the very banksters who conspired to form the Federal Reserve used to justify its creation?

Or do you mean the de facto gold standard that existed in 1873 when silver was demonetized, which caused a major panic followed by panics in 1893 and 1896?

For more information on the failures of a gold standard, see here, and for more information on Coast to Coast AM, see my article, The questionable guests of Coast to Coast AM.

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Four years after his inaugural August 27, 2007 broadcast, George Whitehurst-Berry is still going strong on GCN with his program, “Crash! Are You Ready?”

After only six months, the show rocketed up to second place among online listeners across nearly 40 programs, and has retained that spot four years later, coming very close to being the top-rated show.

From 2008-2010, Berry conducted the most extensive series of interviews exposing the AIDS scam from 2008-2010.

Another highlight is his “Truth in Money” series, which has been the focus of his show all along, in providing alternative economics information that has, in many cases, literally been censored out of existence in the mass media and publications, such as an expos√© of the communist gold standard.

Since May 2011, Berry has been providing some of the most extensive coverage of the NATO bankster-led bombing of Libya on his blog at crashareyouready.com.

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Gary North speaking at the Mises Institute aft...

My email to Gary North on his October 8, 2010 hit piece on Ellen Brown, the author of Web of Debt:

Dr. North,

You’re getting real desperate with today’s hit piece on Ellen Brown, “Cheerleader for Hitler’s Economics,” as you scramble to defend what more and more people are realizing to be the gold standard bankster scam to confiscate people’s wealth in the inevitable terminal phase of their latest debt with interest money scheme, all in the name of a return to “sound money.” It happened in 1933, it will happen again, and you know it.

This year alone, despite being a self-professed “gold bug,” he admitted gold was a bad investment from 1980-2001, he made the outlandish claim that 21 years is a medium-term investment to justify gold’s embarrassing performance during that time, and claimed that gold coins produced by the U.S. and Canada aren’t money, despite being legal tender.

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