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I called into the June 12, 2012 episode of Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani and spoke about Christianity and Islam.

We are given the impression by the mass media that Christianity is peaceful and Islam is violent, but how does the Bible compare to the Qur’an, and how does the biblical example of Moses compare to the historical example of Muhammad?

Listen from 1:36:00 to 1:44:00 to hear my perspective.

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Flag of Israel. Shows a Magen David (“Sh...

On the March 17, 2011 episode of Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Monteith, Dr. Stan, a Christian, former orthopedic surgeon, radio broadcaster and 49-year veteran of researching and exposing the New World Order conspiracy, said at 45:33:

I consider myself a Zionist.

At 38:37, he explained:

Certainly, Zionism means believing Israel will be the homeland.

Despite that, The Daily Bell thinks it knows better than Dr. Stan Monteith, and even the Merriam-Webster and Oxford English dictionaries, when they claim that Zionism is simply support for a Jewish homeland, and not specifically in the biblical lands.

Is The Daily Bell really that out of touch with what Zionism is based on what Zionists themselves say, or are they deliberately re-defining the definition for their own purposes?

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