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Webster TarpleyDespite Alex Jones getting very upset at Webster Tarpley for his criticism of Ron Paul’s campaign and economic policies during Bilderberg 2012, he’s invited him back on twice in the one month since then.

The prisonplanet.tv archives show Tarpley was subsequently interviewed on June 11 and June 29.

So much for not wanting to give Tarpley any more credibility.

On the June 7, 2012 episode of Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Monteith, even before these two interviews, Joel Skousen said (at 8:39):

Of course, you know, you have to wonder what a person like Tarpley, spouting out all these government programs, is doing on conservative talk radio.

He later said (at 9:17):

I’m hoping, you know, that Alex will wake up and stop interviewing this guy.

To which Dr. Stan Monteith responded with:

If you notice, he is never on my programs, and I don’t mean that derogatorily towards Alex at all, but I have never trusted [Webster] Tarpley. I interviewed him one time, and that was all I needed.

We’ll be back in a just a moment here with Joel Skousen. And I would simply say be very wary of anything this gentleman — I’m speaking of Webster Tarpley — says. He’s a LaRouche follower, and Lyndon LaRouche was so far to the left, he even embarrassed the communists.

Speaking of Lyndon LaRouche, the prisonplanet.tv archives show he’s been invited on eight times since 2011.

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