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G. Edward Griffin is scheduled to be a guest on Coast to Coast AM this November 2, 2015, for the first time since September 7, 2011.

Here is the description of his upcoming appearance:

Writer and documentary film producer G. Edward Griffin will discuss a variety of his favorite topics including how the Federal Reserve System is primarily responsible for our economic crisis, his discoveries about the cancer industry, evidence for Noah’s Ark, the truth about geo-engineering and chemtrails, and the frightening effect that solar flares can have on the power grid.

But what G. Edward Griffin won’t be talking about during the show is the AIDS scam, as he did on the Bob Tuskin Radio Show on October 13, 2010, when he shared his research into HIV not even being proven to exist, let alone cause AIDS.

The reason why he won’t be talking about it is not because he doesn’t want to, but because host George Noory is a hypocritical gatekeeper, in signing the Mbeki petition, named after the former South African President Thabo Mbeki, in calling for an investigation of the issue, but once he became the full-time host of the show with 3 million weekly listeners, he intentionally kept the topic off the air.

Here is what Griffin might say on Coast to Coast AM, if only he was allowed to.

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This is a list of the most recently cancelled shows on Oracle Broadcasting in 2012. There are some very good episodes that are worth downloading, so check them out and download them while you can.

Deconstructions Live and Star Theory Radio particularly had some controversial episodes with a high listenership, and are definitely worth checking out, as I did.

Deconstructions Live with Mike Sledge
June 10, 2012 to December 16, 2012

Star Theory Radio with Kyle Hunt
April 7, 2012 to December 15, 2012

The Bob Tuskin Show with Bob Tuskin
December 5, 2010 to November 2, 2012

Truth Quest with Melodee Hallett
October 9, 2010 to September 1, 2012

The Free Zone with Freeman
October 25, 2008 to July 21, 2012

Mike Chambers Live with Mike Chambers
November 5, 2008 to June 20, 2012

Axiom Radio with Rob Chowdah
August 18, 2008 to March 31, 2012

Become Vocal Local! with William Roberts
February 16, 2009 to March 9, 2012

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English: Alex Jones outside Bilderberg meeting...

From January 28, 2012:

Rudy Giuliani Thinks Building 7 Is A Joke

When you watch the video, you see that it’s a complete misrepresentation of what took place, and Giuliani actually laughed because Bob Tuskin was making a big scene.

From January 17, 2012:

Sacramento Cops Taser Man for Leaving Airport Security Line

The headline gives the impression that the guy got tased simply for leaving the security line, and most of the article is withheld, which goes on to say that the guy had actually grabbed his bag from being scanned, and ran through security to get onto his plane.

From April 13, 2011:

Pelosi Tells Students Elections Don’t Matter

Her actual words were, “But the fact is that elections shouldn’t matter as much as they do…”

From October 27, 2009:

Barney Frank: “We are trying on every front to increase the role of government”

While leaving out the important qualifier, “in the regulatory area.”

For more on Infowars.com, see my article, An obvious editorial shift at Infowars.com regarding Israel.

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A dollar-sign image. This image is used in use...

A caller to The Bob Tuskin Show on Oracle Broadcasting made an excellent point about free enterprise versus capitalism on the November 10, 2011 episode (starting at 1:38:25):

A lot of Americans don’t realize that this country was never a capitalist country; it’s a free enterprise country. Ah, capitalism was thrown around and sold to the public, the same way most Americans are saying, ‘we’re a democracy.’ The United States is not a democracy; it’s a republic. Capitalism is this, another ‘ism’ that was created to eat up the free enterprise and create a monopoly.

The guest, Abby Martin of MediaRoots.org and Project Censored, realized the caller brought up something important, and said she should look into it.

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Inventing the AIDS Virus

There are plenty of AIDS Rethinker sites on the Web, and Google generally provides good search results for them, but it has been a recent development since July 2011 that Google Alerts have been providing regular updates on the HIV/AIDS scam from a dissident perspective.

Here are the three that I’ve been alerted to in my subscription for “HIV” since then:

The Robert Scott Bell Show a Jon Rappoport, Unapproved Cancer 
By Robert Scott Bell
Jon Rappoport, Unapproved Cancer Cures, HIV Anomaly Cascades, Star Trek GMO Food Monsters (the lost episode), HPV Shot Questioned, Flu and Skin Infections on The Robert Scott Bell Show August 18, 2011 
The Robert Scott Bell ShowThe…

True Tales of HIV Testing
By Liam
July 29, 2011 0. Join Liam and a special guest to discuss the harsh and hidden realities – and fraud – of HIV Testing. Listen online, or Download the show. Review HIV Testing: ReduceTheBurden.org | ARAS.ab.ca/test 
LiamScheff.com — The Myths of Science

Five False Predictions of the AIDS Establishment | BobTuskin.com
By admin
They studied 175 sexually-active long-term couples, one person in each twosome testing HIVpositive, one HIV negative. The pairs entered the study having every kind of sex imaginable, up, down, front and back, with a majority not using 

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G. Edward Griffin

G. Edward Griffin, author of the highly acclaimed book exposing the Federal Reserve scam, The Creature from Jekyll Island, exposed the HIV/AIDS scam on Truth Be Told Radio with Bob Tuskin on October 13, 2010.

Here is the edited transcript I prepared of the three minutes of audio from 18:00 to 21:13:

From the very beginning, I was suspicious about this whole HIV story, and, I didn’t know in the beginning, but it didn’t take long after some serious researchers had gotten into it and published their findings, it became obvious to me.

You talk about a wacko theory, here it comes. There isn’t even such a thing as HIV. HIV virus, standing for virus, doesn’t even exist. Think of what those letters stand for. [sic]

It’s an immunodeficiency, but there’s no virus. Immunodeficiencies are caused by the treatment, the drugs that they give people to try and treat the AIDS — that’s what kills the immune system. What a shocking thought that is that people who have an immune deficiency, maybe because of some other factors such as nutritional factors, maybe, you know, a lot of drug addicts develop this syndrome. Why? Well, we know that a drug addict traditionally has a terrible diet, and the drugs themselves are destructive of the immune system.

So, it’s not surprising that people on recreational drugs tend to have immune deficiencies, and so they get sick, they go to the doctor and they say, “Well, do I have AIDS?” and they say, “Well, looks like you do!” So they give them AZT or some other highly toxic treatment, which, if they didn’t have a destroyed immune system when they got into the doctor’s office, they’re going to have it when they walk out. So, then their condition gets worse and then they take more AZT, and the first thing you know, they wither away and die, and they show up in the statistics as an HIV victim, when in fact, they’re victims of the treatment.

And, I’ll just say one more thing and then let the real experts take over, is, my understanding is that all these pictures that you can find of the HIV or the virus are artist’s renditions. There’s never been a photograph, an electron microscope, or anything else that photograph virus called HIV, mainly because it doesn’t exist. It’s theorized. It’s a theoretical virus. And they say, well it must exist because, look, we have got these antibodies.

Well, it turns out that the antibodies themselves are merely antibodies that could be produced by a whole bunch of other things, including the common cold. If you had a common cold and you went into the doctor’s office and got an HIV test, they would test for antibodies, they would find the antibodies from your common cold and say, “Yup, you’ve got HIV, you’ve got AIDS,” and they start recommending that you start treatment right away.

So that’s what I think I know about the topic, and it’s another one of those incredible subjects where what we thought we knew turned out to be a lie.

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I appeared on Truth Be Told Radio with Bob Tuskin yesterday and covered why the ‘HIV test’ doesn’t test for HIV, how AIDS differs across the world, how the fraud has been perpetuated over the past 26 years, and I dispel the notion that HIV was created in a lab.

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