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The New logo for the Toronto sun

The Toronto Sun, one of Toronto’s four daily newspapers, is rightly called a tabloid newspaper.

Someone with whom I had some lively email exchanges regarding the Canadian economy and form of government compared to the United States once sent me a link to a particular article in the Sun, and I called it a tabloid paper.

A giveaway that it’s a tabloid paper is when it had a front-page picture of former federal Liberal Party leader, Michael Ignatieff, with two heads, symbolizing his alleged two-facedness.

The article was actually informative, in revealing that either Ignatieff or one of his political handlers wasn’t being consistent regarding his voting record in Britain.

Since then, I have scarcely learned anything interesting when reading it at one of my local coffee shops when it is the only paper around.

One of its regular commentators, Christina Blizzard, has written several boilerplate commentaries that I read.

One was about the Ontario Liberal government, led by Dalton McGuinty, after its minority election win in October 2011, where she had the audacity to write:

For the last eight years, the Libs have governed as if they were anointed by divine right.

It’s called a majority government, under Canada’s system of constitutional monarchy, Christina. You should know well, since the guy you wrote a book about — former Premier Mike Harris — governed with at least as much arrogance as McGuinty did.

But it’s her job to throw red meat to her audience, keeping the false left-right paradigm firmly in place, and Ontarians and Canadians divided against those working against their common interest.

Shortly before Occupy Toronto was broken up, someone wrote a letter to the Sun, saying she had walked through the camp and didn’t find any problems. Their response? They arrogantly asked whether she was an expert on the situation by having walked through there once.

Again — more red meat to their audience, portraying Occupy Toronto as a bunch of losers with no legitimate grievances.

Another example of their boilerplate commentary is a response to a letter in the first week of 2012, saying, “they say it’s for our safety,” in response to the Ontario Liberal government’s policy that all Ontarians present valid identification in order to redeem their medical prescription.

That’s a nice partisan dodge of the larger issue of governments of all political stripes imposing regulations in the name of “public safety,” such as the Stephen Harper Conservative majority government’s plan for police to be able to obtain selected customer information from all internet users, without a warrant, all in the name of protecting the public from criminals.

But something tells me the Toronto Sun isn’t going to come out against that scheme to allegedly protect public safety to the degree they lambaste Liberal government policies.

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