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A caller to The Bob Tuskin Show on Oracle Broadcasting made an excellent point about free enterprise versus capitalism on the November 10, 2011 episode (starting at 1:38:25):

A lot of Americans don’t realize that this country was never a capitalist country; it’s a free enterprise country. Ah, capitalism was thrown around and sold to the public, the same way most Americans are saying, ‘we’re a democracy.’ The United States is not a democracy; it’s a republic. Capitalism is this, another ‘ism’ that was created to eat up the free enterprise and create a monopoly.

The guest, Abby Martin of MediaRoots.org and Project Censored, realized the caller brought up something important, and said she should look into it.

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In an interesting and hopeful sign that the Austrian economics advocates over at LewRockwell.com tolerate commentators with viewpoints that diverge significantly in certain key areas from their narrative, at least from prominent commentators, I see that LRC has published around 300 articles by Paul Craig Roberts since 1995.

While they certainly share his disdain for neocons and an interventionist foreign policy, they certainly wouldn’t agree with Roberts’ lamenting of airline deregulation in his August 12, 2010 article, “Unregulated Greed has Destroyed the Capitalist System,” as one prominent example of such divergence.

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