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Gary North speaking at the Mises Institute aft...

My email to Gary North on his October 8, 2010 hit piece on Ellen Brown, the author of Web of Debt:

Dr. North,

You’re getting real desperate with today’s hit piece on Ellen Brown, “Cheerleader for Hitler’s Economics,” as you scramble to defend what more and more people are realizing to be the gold standard bankster scam to confiscate people’s wealth in the inevitable terminal phase of their latest debt with interest money scheme, all in the name of a return to “sound money.” It happened in 1933, it will happen again, and you know it.

This year alone, despite being a self-professed “gold bug,” he admitted gold was a bad investment from 1980-2001, he made the outlandish claim that 21 years is a medium-term investment to justify gold’s embarrassing performance during that time, and claimed that gold coins produced by the U.S. and Canada aren’t money, despite being legal tender.

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