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In his January 22, 2013 LewRockwell.com article, The Crackpot Economist Who Provided Milton Friedman With His Monetary Theory, Gary North states:

“[Irving] Fisher was a crank in other areas. He was a great promoter of eugenics. He wanted the scientific regulation of marriage and birth so as to promote the influence of the white race. Thomas Leonard in 2005 brought this to the attention of mainstream economists in The Journal of Economic Perspectives in an article about the Progressive movement and eugenics. He quoted Fisher’s statement in 1907: “The world consists of two classes – the educated and the ignorant – and it is essential for progress that the former should be allowed to dominate the latter. . . . [O]nce we admit that it is proper for the instructed classes to give tuition to the uninstructed, we begin to see an almost boundless vista for possible human betterment.” He cited Fisher’s textbook on economics.

Gary North has a lot of nerve, given that his own influence, Murray Rothbard, wrote this in his book, The Ethics of Liberty:

the parent should have the legal right not to feed the child, i.e., to allow it to die.

But this, of course, has nothing to do with economics, nor the validity of Milton Friedman’s economic theory, and it is one of many dodgy things Gary North has written, such as when he deliberately omitted that United States Notes are interest-free, or when he gave the false impression that United States Notes are no longer valid.

Why does North have to attack Milton Friedman for the beliefs of one of his influences? Is it because his arguments against Friedman’s theories can’t stand on their own merits?

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