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With the word of Hugh Hefner’s passing on September 27, 2017, there were two interesting things to me that I came across concerning Hugh Hefner over the past few years of alternative research since 2010.

The first is that I learned from Dr. Judith Reisman that he was a virgin in college in the 40s, until he read the fraudulent Kinsey Reports (fraudulent, because they were pseudo-scientific and deliberately misrepresented by Kinsey) — which is really a tale of the changing times of sexual morals in the US, which used to based on a particular Christian ethic and gradually switched to a nihilistic ethnic where virtually everything became legally and often socially tolerated among consenting adults.

The second I only came across this year, in watching interviews with William F. Buckley, Jr., including this 1966 interview with Hefner. And this is where, like a lot of older prominent figures I have subsequently watched early interviews of, he came across as thoughtful and more genuine, whereas in his older age, with his robes, seeming sex obsession as more than just a corporate enterprise, and being surrounded by Playboy Bunnies, he actually developed some intellectual credibility for me.

In that interview, you will hear him prophetically proclaim that (US — and Western) society was moving toward a new sexual ethic, and that it would never return to the old one (rooted in a particular Christian understanding).

If there’s any interview for you to watch, to get a real sense of the man behind his marketing front, this is the one.

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The Square and Compasses. The symbols employed...

The proof that Freemasonry isn’t a Christian institution is simply that Freemasons have displayed a Qur’an on the altar, according to a 33-Degree Mason, as reported by ABC News.

S. Brent Morris, who is, among other things, a 33-Degree Mason, master of the royal secret and managing editor of the Scottish Rite Journal, said that although Freemasonry was not a religion, it had overarching religious principles that were part of Masons’ rich traditions.

Morris said Freemasons displayed a Bible, a Koran and a Torah on their altar.

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From his 1996 speech that charges me up no matter how many times I listen to it (starting at 5:32) (emphasis added):

“Do you really want to take over the government and make it a theocracy, because I’m gonna tell you exactly what’s going to happen if you do that. You’re gonna burn people at the stake who disagree with you. If that happens, I’m going to have to take up arms all over again, and so will many of you because you’re gonna to be persecuted, you see? Because, whichever one controls the government, you’re going to have to conform to that teaching and if you don’t believe in it, you’re a heretic.

Do you understand what I’m talking about?

What is our common bond, truly?

Freedom! Freedom!

Without freedom, you can’t be a Christian no matter what denomination you belong to. You can’t be a Buddhist. You can’t own a donut shop. You can’t drive from here to Oregon.

You can’t be an American, because that’s what it’s all about and it’s the only thing that it’s all about — nothing else. Nothing else.”

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Dr. Stan MonteithDr. Stan Monteith, a 49-year veteran of the true conservative movement, said that most conservative organizations have been infiltrated, and that some people are pretending to be his friend in order to alter the way he looks at things, including his support for Ron Paul, on his January 11, 2012 broadcast (starting at 46:22):

As I’ve told you in the past, many times, most of the conservative organizations, most of the liberal organizations, most of the Christian organizations have been infiltrated. And many of the individuals — the outspoken and very good leaders of our country — have somebody planted very close to them to alter the way they look at things. And they’ve done this with me, they’ve done it with everybody I know. But I think a few people are smart enough to see through it. I think Joyce can see through it, I think Alex can see through it. Hopefully I’m smart enough to realize that there are people out there who pretend to be my friends, who are really there doing everything they can to ingratiate themselves with me, but they’re really pushing the opposite of freedom.

For more on Dr. Stan Monteith’s statements based on his 49-year experience in the true conservative movement, see my articles here.

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Logo of the Council for National Policy.

On the November 5, 2011 episode of the GCN show, The Secret Truth, host George Butler said of the Council for National Policy (CNP) (starting at 8:41 and reproduced exactly as heard):

The Council for National Policy is a good, a very, very, uh, very pious, very well, you know, intentioned, Christians. But they’re, they’ve taken their their, uh, secret, uh, membership, uh, I mean they’ve taken the membership list secret now. So, this is one group in the country — LaHaye out of Dallas founded it — that has been captured by the uh Military-Industrial Complex

Lee Rogers of Live Free or Die Radio on Oracle Broadcasting regularly provides a critical examination of the Council for National Policy, and Josh Reeves has featured them in his documentary, The Secret Right, Volume One.

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Avi LipkinI listened to Avi Lipkin’s May 17 show with Dr. Stan Monteith, and wanted to offer a very different perspective on some things that he brought up.

He mentioned Israel’s freedom of speech, but he didn’t point out to the mainly Christian audience that it doesn’t include preaching the gospel in public, which will land you in jail.

Israel’s economy was mentioned. This year, the conservative Heritage Foundation ranked neighbouring Arab state Jordan as having the 38th most free economy in the world, ahead of Israel in 43rd place.

He said that the Qur’an says that Jews are apes and swine, but that’s a complete misunderstanding or misrepresentation of the verse he cited (5:60). It’s talking about a particular group of Jews in antiquity who rejected God, and just as there is symbolic language in the Bible, such as talk of people’s hearts melting in fear, that is also probably symbolic for describing particular individuals who were rejected by God.

He also said that Islam calls for Muslims to kill the Jews on Saturday, and the Christians on Sunday, but one obvious indication that isn’t true is that Muhammad had Jewish and Christian wives, and the Qur’an permits Muslim men to marry Jewish or Christian women. He cited no specific evidence for his claim, other than saying Muhammad killed several hundred Jewish men, which isn’t mentioned in the Qur’an, unlike the Bible mentioning Moses being upset when the Hebrews only killed the men of a city, and he ordered them to kill all the male children and women who had not been with a man.

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