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Flag of British Columbia

Congratulations to British Columbians for rejecting the HST that your provincial government tried to ram down your throats after the $1.6 billion bribe from the federal government, and despite your provincial government’s feeble attempts to bribe you with a two percentage point cut. This is truly a great day for the democratic process in Canada, and for a political system that WORKS when enough citizens care to make it work.

What the people of B.C. did is truly remarkable. First, they got so upset that they forced Premier Gordon Campbell out of office. Then, they successfully exercised Canada’s only popular referendum legislation, and when their government started fearing a loss, it made a feeble and ultimately unsuccessful attempt to bribe its citizens with a two percentage point cut. Also, the people pressured their government to adopt legislation requiring a lower threshold of voters to force action instead of a higher threshold to only require consideration of their wishes.

Despite all the bribery and cajoling, a majority of registered voters turned out, and a majority of them roundly rejected it, and it is indeed a great day in B.C. and in Canada today.

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