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If you search for “Canada” on the Company Search page of SEC.gov, the first result is for “CANADA,” with the “Business Address” of:


However, that’s not evidence that Canada is a corporation, as some claim. Among the filings listed are 18-K filings, which are described as an “Annual report for foreign government and political subdivisions.”

Looking at the latest one, there is no mention of Canada being a corporation.

Looking at one entitled “Prospectus,” it shows that Canada is selling “Canada notes,” showing why Canada is listed in the SEC’s database, given that it is selling securities in the United States.

While some have pointed to Canada’s existence in the SEC’s company database as evidence that Canada is a corporation, it should be clear from the above findings that it shows no such thing whatsoever.

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Several years ago, shortly after I boarded one of the buses of a major bus company in North America, a question was raised by one of the passengers about the safety of the bus. The bus driver emphatically insisted that safety was their number one priority.

Correction: The only priority of that company, as a corporation, is to maximize shareholder wealth. Period. Safety is only a priority to the extent that it serves to maximize shareholder wealth. To say or believe otherwise is to not understand the fiduciary duty of the officers of the corporation to maximize shareholder wealth, as required by statutes.

There’s no reason according to natural law why that should be the case, of course, since corporations are completely artificial creations. As a result, most of the time, they operate in accordance with how they were intended to operate. If you don’t like it, don’t complain to the officers of an artificial entity who are simply acting in accordance with the statutes enacted by the representative legislative branch of the people — take it up with your representatives!

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