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Kevin O’Leary, nicknamed “Canada’s Donald Trump,” has announced his run for the Conservative leadership.

He actually had the nerve to announce it the morning after the previous evening’s French language debate, due to the fact that he isn’t fluent enough in French and didn’t want to embarrass himself. What may be a non-issue for most non-French speaking Canadians, as a would-be Prime Ministerial candidate, and therefore the Head of Government, it’s not asking much to be fluent in both official languages.

Pundits and others were repeatedly speculating and asking about whether he would run, and it was looking more to be the case, but in the era of the Web, one can get an indication of these things if you know where to look in relatively obscure corners.

O’Leary was a speaker at the Manning Centre’s “If I Run, Here’s How I’d Do It” talk in February 2016, which I came across during the early Fall.

I’ll save you having to listen to the whole video. The summary is that he said he would be critical of Premier Kathleen Wynne’s economic policies, and that’s what he did with his open letters to her and interviews. Another interesting thing was when he was asked about social policies, and he gave the indication that he had no plan to address them, saying the economic situation was a priority.

Keep an eye out, then, for indications like these, instead of relying on paid pundits who have no real clue.

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“Grandpa Liberty”, Dr. Stan Monteith, a 50-year veteran researcher of alternative information suppressed by the mass media, and radio broadcaster since 1993, said (at 42:43) on the May 8, 2013 episode of Radio Liberty in response to a caller’s question about Adam Kokesh‘s planned armed July 4th march on Washington, D.C. (emphasis mine):

I think that he could not do more harm to the conservative movement. If he wants to have a march on Washington, fine. If he wants to have an armed march on Washington, he’s laying this thing open for a confrontation, and that’s the last thing we want to do. What we want to do is educate people. We don’t want an armed confrontation. I think that certainly he’s either on the other side or he’s not very bright.

For more on Dr. Stan Monteith, see my articles here.

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English: Judge recording an episode of at CPAC...

On the May 17, 2012 episode of Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Monteith, he said in response to a caller asking about Andrew Napolitano’s statement that “the first American patriot that shoots down one of these drones that comes too close to his children in his backyard will be an American hero” (at 34:15 with pause words removed):

I think that was a very, very inappropriate remark for him to make. I do not believe in the drones — I think they are illegitimate. But I think that we do not want to resort to violence, and if Judge Napolitano’s suggesting we turn to violence, I would certainly lose a lot of confidence in him, and my respect for him would be markedly diminished.

Why would Judge Napolitano say something that stupid unless he was trying to incite violence? Is he another plant in the conservative movement? I don’t know. I hope he didn’t say that.

For more on Dr. Stan Monteith’s personal observations on political infiltration, see Dr. Stan Monteith: “I’m sure that they’ve infiltrated and neutralized Ron Paul’s political candidacy” and, Dr. Stan Monteith: “Most of the conservative organizations have been infiltrated.”

See Andrew Napolitano’s May 15 statement here, starting at 3:01:

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Dr. Stan MonteithDr. Stan Monteith, a 49-year veteran of the true conservative movement, said that most conservative organizations have been infiltrated, and that some people are pretending to be his friend in order to alter the way he looks at things, including his support for Ron Paul, on his January 11, 2012 broadcast (starting at 46:22):

As I’ve told you in the past, many times, most of the conservative organizations, most of the liberal organizations, most of the Christian organizations have been infiltrated. And many of the individuals — the outspoken and very good leaders of our country — have somebody planted very close to them to alter the way they look at things. And they’ve done this with me, they’ve done it with everybody I know. But I think a few people are smart enough to see through it. I think Joyce can see through it, I think Alex can see through it. Hopefully I’m smart enough to realize that there are people out there who pretend to be my friends, who are really there doing everything they can to ingratiate themselves with me, but they’re really pushing the opposite of freedom.

For more on Dr. Stan Monteith’s statements based on his 49-year experience in the true conservative movement, see my articles here.

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The flags of Canada and the United States of A...

In 2010, I was pleased, and not at all surprised, to see that the conservative Heritage Foundation had ranked Canada more economically free than the United States in their Index of Economic Freedom for the first time since their rankings came out in 1995.

Their 2012 index marks the third year in a row that Canada has been ranked more economically free than the United States.

Canada held 6th place, while the U.S. fell from 9th to 10th, and if things go the way they have been, the U.S. is likely to fall off the top 10 list in 2013.

This past weekend, I heard a radio host still lump Canada in as a “socialist” country along with the EU countries that are in so much trouble now, but for such people, I wrote the 2011 article, Still think Canada is more socialist than the United States? The joke’s on you.

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