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In 1996, the Progressive Conservative government of Ontario scrapped rent controls for new tenants.

According to the Bank of Canada’s Inflation Calculator, core inflation from 2007 to 2009 was 2.95%.

As an example, one apartment I know of went from $850 a month in rent to $935, after only two years — an increase of 10%. The controlled rent increase over that same period was 3.2%.

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I noticed the online course registration system for my alma mater revealingly refers to your “shopping cart” when you add courses to your schedule. That wasn’t the case earlier in the decade when they had a different online system.

The new lingo is closer to the truth. Since I first started there, until now, the individual course fee has increased by 54% for regulated programs, and a whopping 170% for deregulated programs, whereas core inflation over the same period was 27%. Indeed, you should shop around, to get the best value for your education dollar — especially these days with those prices.

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