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Canadian PressI saw this hit piece in the January 15, 2013 edition of my local online newspaper, which I have previously documented is a corporate feudalist newspaper, and the article was originally published by the Canadian Press. The title is “Latest American conspiracy theory claims Newtown mass shooting a hoax.

For non-Canadians, it can’t be underestimated the power that labeling something as uniquely American has on the average Canadian psyche.

I see this hit piece as a victory for critical thinking, and for the authentic alternative media, as it took five years for the 9/11 Truth movement to start gaining traction, whereas a far smaller incident took only a month for the pressure to build to have the corporate feudalist media go public in a desperate attempt to suppress critical thinking, with the smear of critical thinking as “conspiracy theory.”

They predictably invoke 9/11 Truth and those who doubt the constitutional eligibility of Barack Obama in a kitchen sink approach of throwing anything they can at readers in order to find something that will resonate with them in order to turn them off of critical thinking.

The author has the audacity to assert that:

Their theories on the Dec. 14 shooting in Sandy Hook appear to lack any basis in fact, reality or common sense.

It’s not a theory that there is evidence pointing to multiple shooters, for instance, as indicated by police radio, helicopter video, and the testimony of at least two witnesses, including a young child at the school, who would have no reason to lie — all of which has been documented by Charles Giuliani and Joel Skousen, as I have previously written about.

That evidence, of course, is conveniently and predictably omitted from the article.

Yes, fellow Canadians, it’s an “American conspiracy theory.” It’s just as crazy as the American gun culture, the electoral college, and the election year “silly season.” Pay no attention to the evidence of multiple shooters behind the curtain.

I have to hand it to the author of this hit piece, and her corporate feudalist employer. The difference between this story and 9/11 is that, this time, many critical thinkers have been raising questions since day one, and are alert to the patterns of disinfo they have seen with the 9/11 coverup, the London 7/7 bombings coverup, and others.

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Image of Lew RockwellLew Rockwell declared that government is “far worse than the mafia” in his August 14, 2012 interview on the Alex Jones Show.

Why, then, did Lew Rockwell, as founder and chairman of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, enter into a voluntary agreement with the very same entity he regards as far worse than the mafia in order for the Institute to receive 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status?

Many Mises devotees continue to not see a problem with an organization that supposedly hates government so much, begging government for special privileges in return for more regulations, even if it means more money in the hands of its financial recipients and supporters.

50-year veteran researcher of the New World Order, Dr. Stan Monteith gets it, in not seeking 501(c)(3) status for his ministry, “because we want to be able to tell you the truth.”

Find out by listening to my July 15, 2012 interview with Dennis Marker, author of Fifteen Steps to Corporate Feudalism: How the Rich Convinced America’s Middle Class to Eliminate Themselves, to see how Lew Rockwell is feeding right into the hands of the Corporate Feudalists in creating mistrust of, and disinterest in, government as an entity, and is furthering their Corporate Feudalist agenda.

If Lew Rockwell truly regards government as far worse than the mafia, why enter into a voluntary agreement with it? If putting less money into government’s hands is the justification, then why not move the organization to a tax-free country? Is it perhaps because the Mises Institute in fact benefits so much by being in the United States?

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Ontario Libertarian Party

Ontario Libertarian Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On July 16, 2012, I wrote the article, The mass media’s cynical portrayal of an organized political protest, about the Waterloo Region Record downplaying a successful organized political protest.

This time, from their August 10, 2012 article, Kitchener-Waterloo gears up for byelection, they omitted alternative voting options.

Local candidates vying for the job include Progressive Conservative Tracey Weiler, Green party candidate Stacey Danckert, Liberal Eric Davis and New Democratic Party candidate Catherine Fife.

No mention was made, for instance, of Ontario Libertarian Party candidate, Allan R. Dettweiler. I found an August 9 announcement on the party site that they had a candidate for the riding, and even saw a personal statement from the candidate, directly addressing the byelection.

I contacted the reporter of this story to inform her that there was another candidate in the race, whom she omitted, and that he should be mentioned.

The main argument that the Corporate Feudalist media uses in omitting reference to parties such as the Libertarian Party is that they are incapable of forming government. However, I pointed out that since it’s a byelection, and given the current electoral representation, the election of only two candidates can affect which party will be the governing party, and the Libertarian party candidate is just as relevant as the other two of four candidates who were listed.

As far as voting goes, I don’t vote for a party just because they claim to be libertarian or pro-freedom, as I demonstrated with my article, Why I’m not voting for the Ontario Freedom Party in this 2011 provincial election.

For more on why I include the Record in my designation of “Corporate Feudalist media”, listen to my interview with Dennis Marker, author of Fifteen Steps to Corporate Feudalism: How the Rich Convinced America’s Middle Class to Eliminate Itself.

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English: Canadian parliament from the Musée ca...

Political action can and does make a difference. AIPAC, for instance, knows this, as revealed so strikingly by this Israeli blogger:

I’ll never forget when I was involved in Israeli advocacy in college and being at one of the many AIPAC conventions. A man literally stood in front of us and told us that their whole goal was to only work with top-50 school graduate students because they would eventually be the people making changes in the government.

This June 13, 2012 Waterloo Region Record article is an example of a successful organized protest which they — being a mass media entity — portrayed cynically, and I’d say deliberately.

Peter Braid wasn’t there. His office wasn’t even open.

But to the group of 65 people gathered outside the Kitchener-Waterloo MP’s constituency office on Wednesday evening, that didn’t really matter.

What mattered to them was that they were there, to voice their opposition to the Conservative budget bill.

Certainly, it would’ve been better if he had been there, but it’s a numbers game, and if there are enough people there, Members of Parliament take notice, regardless.

More political representation is one of the factors that I think makes Canada more free than the United States. I wrote about this in my article, Two major factors that keep Canada’s federal government on a tighter leash than that of the United States.

My July 15, 2012 interview with Dennis Marker, author of Fifteen Steps to Corporate Feudalism, underscored how the mass media has been used by the Corporate Feudalists to make citizens distrust and even hate their government, and to become so disaffected as to not be involved in any way, and I was reminded of how this article was an example of the Corporate Feudalist plan at work.

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