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Lew RockwellAs further evidence of the “say one thing, do another” mentality of some Austrian adherents, like Lew Rockwell, in claiming to be anti-state, yet voluntarily entering into an agreement with government, here we have Lew Rockwell’s self-described “anti-state” site regularly posting state media articles by Russia Today.

Amazingly, as of January 3, 2014, LRC has published 63 articles by the state broadcaster and publisher, Russia Today! — and with their permission. (Why bother seeking permission of an entity you regard to be illegitimate?)

Here was the latest one, on January 3, 2014: “US the Biggest Threat to World Peace in 2013

If the U.S. is the biggest threat to world peace in 2013, I ask again: why did he and other founders of the Mises Institute enter into a voluntary agreement with it?

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