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Kitchener MasjidFrom the Waterloo Region Record’s September 11, 2012 article, Mayor’s stance on Islamic Centre surprises local imam:

“Shafiq Hudda is surprised to hear that Mayor Carl Zehr may oppose an Islamic centre that plans to open in the Huron Business Park.

He said that he would try and help us with the zone change,” Hudda said. “He would do whatever he can to help us.

Hudda is the imam for the Islamic Humanitarian Service, which spent $495,000 to buy two vacant hectares that are not zoned for full religious use.

Sure, there’s a municipal council vote coming up on September 17, but did they really need to write this article on September 11, the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks? Is that the most favourable day to write such an article for engendering a sober analysis of the proposal on its merits?

As for 9/11, if you still think 19 Muslims thwarted all 16 U.S. intelligence agencies, the FBI, the FAA, NORAD, Israel’s Mossad and the UK’s MI6, then see my article, What didn’t happen on 9/11, and listen to Peter Eyre’s succinct talk on what happened on 9/11, and watch Flashback: David Ray Griffin’s devastating critique of the official 9/11 conspiracy theory.

Previously, I wrote the article, Corporate Feudalist media omits alternative voting options in September 6, 2012 Kitchener-Waterloo byelection. The Record later decided to also exclude the majority of candidates in their candidates forum, so I invited them to appear on my show.

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Joseph MeyerOn the August 26, 2012 episode of Exposing Faux Capitalism with Jason Erb, I interviewed financial analyst Joseph Meyer of StraightMoneyAnalysis.com in the first hour.

We focused on the following topics:

1) The emerging economies, particularly China and India
2) The importance of quality investing, and some examples
3) The technology sector
4) The Eurozone crisis and related political issues

And in the second hour, I covered the following articles:

1) Jason Erb interviewed by Wayne Walton on mtnHours Revolution!, August 21, 2012

2) Austrian School supporter Tom Woods admits gold has no intrinsic value

3) Still don’t think government agencies are capable of being efficient?

4) Will Jerome Hauer put his PhD for a “Medical Response to Acts of Nuclear Terrorism” to practical use?

5) Flashback: David Ray Griffin’s devastating critique of the official 9/11 conspiracy theory

6) Why is Wikipedia so afraid of Pilots for 9/11 Truth?

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From his March 30, 2006 presentation, which was way ahead of his time, in dealing a devastating blow to the official 9/11 conspiracy theory even before the release of Loose Change Second Edition Recut, and containing a few interesting tidbits I wasn’t aware of.

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