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I counted four Ontario Libertarian Party candidates who received over 2 per cent of the votes in the June 12, 2014 provincial election, based on the info at TV Ontario’s Your Vote 2014:

Thunder Bay-Superior North
Tamara Johnson (3.3%) – 922 out of 27,683

Wellington-Halton Hills
Jason Cousineau (2.3%) – 1,104 out of 48,411

David Schumm (2.2%) – 1,041 out of 47,705

Paolo Fabrizio (2.1%) – 1,277 out of 59,917

Jason Cousineau’s and David Schumm’s performances are particularly impressive, because there were no Libertarian candidates in those ridings in 2011.

Now with a Liberal majority and a planned Ontario Pension Plan taxing scheme and continuing the meddling Ontario College of Trades and wasting billions on political transit decisions, I think the Libertarian message will be even more appealing to voters in these and other Ontario ridings who want free enterprise in order to foster dynamic job creation and better living.

For my interview with David Schumm, see here.

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As part of my alternative Ontario provincial election coverage, in interviewing the Ontario Libertarian Party candidates in my area of Kitchener-Waterloo, here is my 15-minute interview with OLP candidate for Kitchener-Conestoga, David Schumm.

For my interview with Kitchener Centre OLP candidate Patrick Bernier, see here.

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