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Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Dr. Stan Monteith spoke in unequivocal terms in response to a caller’s question about what he thought of Lyndon LaRouche’s statements about President Obama being a dictator, on the October 26, 2011 episode of Radio Liberty (starting at 46:39):

I think Lyndon LaRouche — somebody’s putting up a lot of money for Lyndon LaRouche. At one time, he was actually for the Communists. In fact, he tried to get the — if you read my book, AIDS: The Unnecessary Epidemic, we go into the background of LaRouche, the part he played in the AIDS epidemic, and of course, betraying the American people.

But Lyndon LaRouche, actually, was so radical, that the communists wouldn’t even join with him. Much of what he says is absolutely true. Many of the things, that his historical facts are absolutely true. I would ask you: who puts up the money for Lyndon LaRouche?

He is, I believe, part of the controlled opposition. He says almost everything that’s true, but, but not everything. I would suggest that you read what he has to say, but take everything with three grains of salt.

I also have my doubts about Lyndon LaRouche. For more on him, see my articles:
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