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Some typical alcoholic beverages.

New Hampshire is considered the “Free State” for many reasons, including no state income or sales tax.

However, it controls the distribution of wine and hard liquor through its state-owned monopoly.

From the New Hampshire Liquor Commission:

The New Hampshire State Liquor Commission regulates the sale of alcohol in the state of New Hampshire. New Hampshire is one of 18 control states in the nation where the government directly controls the distribution of alcoholic beverages as well as being responsible for the regulation of alcoholic beverages. The Commission is an important source of revenue for the state, contributing over 100 million dollars to the General Fund each year.

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The Bible

Gary North makes the claim on his site that:

The Bible is an anti-socialist document. Socialist propagandists for over four centuries have claimed that the Bible teaches socialism, but we have yet to see a single Bible commentary written by a socialist. If the Bible teaches socialism, where is the expository evidence?

Gary, how about Leviticus 2:1-3 (New International Version):

1 “‘When anyone brings a grain offering to the LORD, their offering is to be of the finest flour. They are to pour olive oil on it, put incense on it 2 and take it to Aaron’s sons the priests. The priest shall take a handful of the flour and oil, together with all the incense, and burn this as a memorial[a] portion on the altar, a food offering, an aroma pleasing to the LORD. 3 The rest of the grain offering belongs to Aaron and his sons; it is a most holy part of the food offerings presented to the LORD.

Given that socialism is a system whereby the means of production and distribution are controlled by the state, the above verses show how grains were to be produced and distributed to God and his priestly class, the Levites.

In order to rebut Gary North’s claim that the Bible is anti-socialist, it is sufficient to demonstrate a single example of the Bible promoting socialism, and I think Leviticus 2:1-3 is one such example.

Therefore, the Bible is not anti-socialist, as North claims.

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