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Bill Still, a monetary reformer, and producer of the documentaries The Money Masters, Secret of Oz and Jekyll Island, is scheduled to be my guest on Exposing Faux Capitalism on September 22, 2013 at 8 PM Eastern.

Bill was recently a speaker at the 2013 Public Banking Institute conference.

For more on Bill Still, see my articles:

1) Bill Still and Andy Gause blow the whistle on fake quotes about money

2) Where the Money Masters producer Bill Still really stands on monetary reform

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General Norman Schwarzkopf.With the passing of General Norman Schwarzkopf on December 27, 2012, a different image of “Stormin'” Norman is depicted in the 2005 documentary, Beyond Treason, than what the mass media presented us with during the 1990-1991 Gulf War.

Watch the entire documentary for what is documented evidence of criminal negligence at best, and beyond treason, at worst, on the part of certain U.S. government and military officials involving chemical warfare on U.S. veterans, culminating so prominently in the so-called Gulf War Syndrome.

Tune in starting at 54 minutes to hear about Schwarzkopf’s own book, It Doesn’t Take a Hero, wherein he referenced the destruction of chemical weapons depots in Iraq as U.S. troops stood by.

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Joel SkousenFrom the October 12, 2012 issue of Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (www.worldaffairsbrief.com):


Last week I asked for your feelings about a major documentary that I would write and produce detailing the Modern History of Conspiracy and how it controls almost every aspect of what our government is involved in. I’m pleased to announce that the response was very gratifying, and the project is a “go.”

One of the best things to come from this request was the many heartfelt comments I received from so many on how you felt about the briefs and my work over the years. Sometimes I never know how the briefs are being received and it’s nice to feel your gratefulness. Perhaps the most common comment from readers was the appreciation for having a source they could trust to tell the truth and help them discern between reliable information and the disinformation and hype that is flooding the internet.

Hundreds have pledged mostly modest amounts to finance this project, and if everyone comes through with what they have pledged we have what I consider a minimum to ensure success of the project. I didn’t want to start this unless I was sure I could deliver.

Please forward your contributions by check (I don’t want Paypal or the CC companies to siphon off their usual 3% of these contributions) payable to Joel Skousen, 290 W 580 S, Orem, UT 84058. Insert a note that this is “for the Documentary,” so that my staff will know to put this in a separate account. I will keep you all posted as to the progress. We are shooting to have this completed within a year. Everyone who contributes will, of course, get a free copy of the documentary to view and share with their friends. Thanks for your support.

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9/11: InterceptedA Wikipedia search for Pilots for 9/11 Truth turns up nothing as of August 25, 2012. Why is Wikipedia so afraid of them?

An archive.org search shows their site going back to 2006.

Is it because they don’t want certain information getting out to more people, like the organization’s finding that United Airlines Flight 175 (alleged to have hit the South Tower) and United Airlines Flight 93 (alleged to have crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania) were still in the air after they were reported to have crashed?

For more information Wikipedia may not want you to know about, check out Pilots for 9/11 Truth’s documentary, 9/11: Intercepted, which I have included below.

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Ambulances at Russell Square, London after the...

I first saw the documentary 7/7 Ripple Effect in 2007, shortly after it was released in November, and the presentation seemed to give an even better case for the July 7, 2005 London bombings being an inside job than from the evidence I had come across about 9/11 by that time.

Since then, I wrote the article, What didn’t happen on 9/11, and shortly thereafter, I wrote the article, Blatant distortions in BBC’s “The Conspiracy Files: 7/7” documentary.

Not long thereafter, I received notice that the producer of the first documentary, Muad’Dib, planned to come out with a sequel on the seventh anniversary of the attacks, and it has since come out, and I am including the video here.

I tried getting him on as a guest on my radio program, Exposing Faux Capitalism, but it appears he isn’t doing any interviews for the time-being, so check out some of his earlier interviews on the Web.

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Ambulances at Russell Square, London after the...I watched BBC’s The Conspiracy Files: 7/7 documentary, and noticed some blatant distortions and propaganda.

They feature several clips from 7/7: Ripple Effect, yet leave out all mention of the former head of the Israeli Mossad’s letter in the Jerusalem Post on the very day of the 7/7 attacks, saying they were carried out with “near-perfect execution.” 7/7: Ripple Effect points out that the online version of that article was removed later that very same day.

At 10:43, they refer to the intact passport found at the scene of the World Trade Center after 9/11, quoting a Birmingham mosque chairman as saying it was found “intact,” yet they show a different passport — that purportedly of Ziad Jarrah — and show it as mostly burnt. That’s bad fact checking at the very least, and a deliberate distortion at worst, in deliberately making the chairman seem like he has no idea what he’s talking about.

At 17:13, they point out how the official claim that the alleged bombers left at 7:40 was proven false, and the police then claimed they had taken the 7:25 train, yet the documentary provided no specific evidence for that new claim.

At 49:38, they present the investigator who discovered that error with purported CCTV footage of the alleged bombers, and he is shocked, yet the thing that came to my mind after noticing camera anomalies with 9/11 is that there is no date, time or camera ID shown on the footage they showed him in the documentary! So there is no indication that the footage is from when they claim it is.

Finally, they try to fool the masses with an unrelated point about him questioning the official story of the Holocaust. What he thinks about the Holocaust is independent of his legitimate findings about 7/7 which forced the government to revise their official account of events.

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