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September CluesHere is a summary I prepared of Simon Shack’s February 27, 2014 epic 4-hour appearance on the Dustban.

Thanks to a reader, Negentropic, for bringing this to my attention, and for Ab of Fakeologist Radio for hosting the audio.

10m – Simon said the audio they gave us of 9/11 was completely contrived
11m – Said it’s absolutely obvious that every 9/11 audio track is fake
12m – Suspicious 9/11 firefighter interview
– Supposed survivors from North Tower collapse, covered with dust
13m – Said whenever they panned the camera up, they used CGI, but the rest is “real” — as in, real video of actors and real people in the background
14m – Simon joked saying 1933 King Kong video looked more real than 9/11 imagery
– Said anyone who says they didn’t have the technology in 2001 is a fool
15m – Independence Day movie White House destruction video
17m – No movies of destruction of New York by aliens in broad daylight – contrast, which fools the people
Clare Kuehn – she says the lighting looks so natural with bright blue sky
18m – Yellow, purple, green skies from “live” footage on 9/11
19m – Said first they release very bad quality videos, so anyone questioning it will be accused of lowering it
20m -Someone passed him the original mpeg 2 videos that are no longer available
21m – 2007 september clues made with low quality flash videos online from archive.org, whereas 2008 version he had some mpeg 2 higher-quality videos
24m – ABC filed a FOIA request for never before seen high-quality footage – the ridiculousness of it was pointed out, in that why would ABC have to file a request to get some of its own footage back?
– Said it may seem self aggrandizing, but he suspects that they released it because of September Clues exposure
25m – Said all high definition videos are fake — made in a studio
26m – Said they probably said, someone has figured out there are problems with the videos we broadcast on 9/11, so now we have to do something about it
– Parallels with Moon landings, in releasing high definition, never before seen videos in the 90s
29m – Said the new 2010 footage has actually helped us to see how things have been faked
– with sharper imagery, you can see the real problems
30m – Said they only improved the resolution of the clips — they wouldn’t be stupid enough to put things in there that weren’t there before, but they released never-before-seen clips
32m – What we saw on 9/11 was chopper imagery — a bird’s eye view of Manhattan
33m – Said if anyone was filming around the towers at the time, all they would’ve filmed is smoke
35m – Don Fox on Fetzer’s show, reciting some of Simon’s work, with Fetzer critiquing it
36m – Said Fetzer has been hounding him all these years, even offering to pay for his flight to Canada for Vancouver hearings
37m – Said he doesn’t need to say whether Fetzer is doing gatekeeping as a military man or whether it’s megalomania — because of email today saying he solved 9/11, Boston bombings
– Said Fetzer is either suffering from acute megalomania or he’s a shill
38m – Simon said he could also be suspected to be a shill, as well
– Said Fetzer’s been investigating JFK assassination for 40 years now, one of the most unsuccessful investigations of all time
39m – Said Fetzer’s a really good talker, and can remember many things, whereas Simon says he doesn’t have those talents
42m – Said even the pentagon footage is fake — they used CGI
43m – Said they may have used a real bomb, but they closed the highway nearby
45m – Said he drove there once
47m – Said some guy who regularly attacks him asks what about the Shanksville pictures
48m – Laughed at a guy with a garden hose dripping some water into the hole
– Said they are insulting our intelligence
50m – Said we can’t let this keep happening to us
51m – Said the power of imagery is amazing
52m – Said why do you think Fetzer is there, doing what he does?
53m – Asked how many others are there out there like Fetzer
– controlled opposition
54m – Nico Haupt was a crazy drug addict, the first one they put there saying there were no planes on 9/11 – asked where is he now? — he’s gone
55m – Said they put people like Nico Haupt, Ace Baker, Jim Fetzer, Judy Wood out there to have people explain what we saw
56m – Said the most sexy thing they have now is saying it’s a nuclear demolition
– Said he doesn’t think they have even invented a nuclear bomb
57m – Said the Manhattan Project was started by a bunch of old farts during the War
58m – Said the nuclear bomb was a fear mongering thing, just like Sputnik

1h1m – Said he doesn’t think there are any satellites, saying he knows he’s going to be bashed by everyone for saying that
1h3m – He knows people who work at the European Space Agency
1h5m – Said one of them, a Norwegian guy, used to come to his place for Christmas and one time he got so livid and threw him down on the couch and beat him up, tried to choke him, said he thought he was going to die
1h9m – Said the Cold War was a farce
1h11m – Said some people are concerned about immigrants — asked why should be be concerned about Africans coming to our countries when we have been sucking out resources from them
1h14m – Dusty asked what’s with these movies about slavery and not being balanced
1h21m – Simon said he’s thinking of moving to a third world country to live better because it’s too expensive to live in Italy
1h26m – Such bad images so that some are theorizing they did it on purpose, but he says no, because it’s what they had to do – they didn’t care because they controlled the television stations
1h32m – Some woman who thought the Moon landings were fake who got mad when Dusty said it was just like 9/11
1h35m – They claimed they lost Apollo 11 footage
1h36m – Asked who are the people behind these things, and is it so difficult to understand who they are
1h37m – Asked why doesn’t Fetzer invite Katie Couric or Matt Lauer on his show
1h38m – Said if anyone tells him Matt Lauer had no idea what was going on, he would laugh in their face
1h42m – Mike Walter media personality an alleged Pentagon plane witness
1h46m – Said let’s grow balls and deal with fakery of terrorist events
1h47m – He went to U.S. in 1980s – said his first impression that people were a bit superficial
1h52m – Said he really loves America
1h54m – He said, we the white people have been doing a holocaust in the Americas

2h3m – Said America is a melting pot of immigrants, and now Americans don’t like immigrants
2h6m – Vikings were the first Europeans to come to America
2h9m – Said America has become a madhouse
2h13m – Anders Brevik incident – Jan Erik said only explosion was real, everything else was fake
2h16m – Says he likes Norway more than Sweden
2h17m – Jan Erik said he heard and felt the bomb
2h20m – Asked if anyone had seen They Live — said it’s an allegory of control of mass media
2h26m – Simon said look at 1950s propaganda videos and see how stupid they look, and you laugh at them
2h30m – Said Manhattan Project was decided at the Bohemian Grove
2h31m – Said he doesn’t want to say most of them were Jewish, but they were (Jan Erik says allegedly)
2h33m – Dusty said many Jewish people are behind these things, saying they run Hollywood
2h34m – Simon said Henry Kissinger is the worst person on Earth
2h35m – Mentioned Alex Jones as one of the people who are confusing us as to who’s behind these things – we have names and surnames
2h36m – Said, otherwise, there are people saying it’s Illuminati, etc., so we don’t identify the real people
2h38m – Jan Erik said most people have been convinced that Presidents and top officials are actually in control with their teleprompter reading
2h41m – Dusty said some people at his work love the system and defend it
2h43m – Asked If they can send us tax forms every year, why can’t they send us the laws they pass
2h45m – The EU super government
2h47m – Pathetic excuses people make – If you say that something government does isn’t fair, people retort with “life isn’t fair”
2h49m – They asked when the mass media will attack Clues Forum
2h50m – Simon said they already were attacked by Norwegian newspapers
2h52m – They’ve been regularly attacking him

3h4m – Wally Dove’s sovereignty efforts
3h6m – Simon said 9/11 was a total Hollywood production (and who runs Hollywood?)
– Said Pentagon was green-screened — said he has the proof
– Said they probably made some smoke machines go off there, closed off the highway
3h9m – Said every single video frame shown on 9/11 was made in a studio
3h10m – Said he has to think now that Fetzer is a military man
3h14m – Fetzer involved in talking about JFK, 9/11, Sandy Hook and Boston bombings
3h16m – Dusty said he phoned into Brian Staveley’s show back in November to talk to Fetzer about JFK
3h18m – Said Jim Fetzer is the Alex Jones of the leftists
– Said Alex Jones is made for Tea Party people
3h19m – Said he’s doing it because he’s paid for it — he doesn’t have any question about it now
3h20m – Fetzer pulling rabbits out of his hat — Don Fox, Ian Greenhaigh, and Clare Kuehn
– Said their purpose is to protect the media
3h21m – Said the media is the untouchable weapon
3h25m – Said thank you for saying that without September Clues, we’d still be spinning
3h31m – Said all 9/11 imagery was pre-fabricated. If people don’t understand that’s the case, then said all his work is for nothing.
3h32m – At the time of the Boston Marathon bombings, he had 600,000 people on his forum in one month
3h34m – Asked if he planned on doing a video examining the Boston bombings, and he said he’s just one guy, and there’s a thread on Clues Forum about it
3h36m – Said he doesn’t think anyone died on 9/11
– Said he doesn’t think anyone died in the London 7/7 bombings because of Australian Prime Minister saying 52 people had died on the very same night that the bombings had occurred before they had actually given the number
3h39m – Said no one died in Bali
3h40m – Asked about Jewish involvement
3h41m – Said there are some Jews involved, but it’s more than them

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Fakeologist RadioHere is the summary I prepared of Fakeologist Radio Episode 85 with Simon Shack and Onebornfree, consisting mostly of the last two hours.

Some interesting things were mentioned in the first hour, so be sure to check out the archive.

For my summary of the last episode with Simon Shack, see here.

54m – Eric Darton’s 1999 book, Divided We Stand, about the WTC buildings being evacuated after the 1993 bombing
55m – He wrote that 30,000 people were displaced
1h – OBF said Darton looks like Steve Rosenbaum
1h2m – Simon half-jokingly said that Ab should interview Rosenbaum
1h11m – High quality images of 9/11 came out in one block, by NIST, only in 2010, through CBS FOIA request
1h12m – Most of them were highly rendered Rosenbaum videos
1h13m – Asked are we supposed to believe that NIST just left those high quality videos in the drawer until 2010?
1h14m – OBF questioned low resolution “live” footage when they had expensive lenses back then, and they were even worse than some “amateur” footage
1h35m – Willie Rodriguez’s role was to justify smoke from ground level of towers before they collapsed
1h37m – No numbered plates on toasted cars
1h38m – Said they took cars from a junkyard and photoshopped it to make it look like they’re in Manhattan, and it served Judy Wood’s purposes
1h41m – What about USGS dust data? It could’ve been faked, and OBF posted a link about faked data from them in other cases
1h43m – Said acoustical recordings are fake because audio and video tracks don’t match up, because they are separate, and someone forgot to switch audio track when video changed
1h46m – OBF said Hezerkhani hit sounds like a standard Windows sound file of a cabinet slamming
1h46m – Laughing at how they have the sound of an ambulance in one scene, and then it changes to a completely different scene and you still have the same ambulance sound!
1h48m – OBF has been threatening to tell his Clare Kuehn story sometime – Ab said she has a great way of obfuscating
1h48m – Simon said she felt she was a little bit off, and she gave him $3, saying that was all she had
1h49m – Simon said she’s an amazing wordsmith
1h53m – Simon said they’re aiming at the lowest common denominator, not aiming at serious researchers
2h8m – Said Richard Hall’s hologram work was aimed at the lowest common denominator, and the purpose was to claim that the footage was real
2h9m – Simon said there was money behind Ace Baker’s production
2h10m – Don Fox said Simon and OBF are shilling for Israel by denying nukes used on 9/11
2h12m – Simon said it’s obvious lot of Jews or Israelis were involved
2h14m – He asked, don’t the Jews own the media?
2h15m – OBF said he doesn’t care
2h16m – Simon said we don’t have the capacity to understand how the power structure is organized
2h25m – Ab said he never would’ve considered nuclear weapons a scam without what he discovered about 9/11
2h38m – Simon said they’ve been scaring you to go move freely on the internet
2h40m – Don Fox’s flat earth misdirection against Simon
2h43m – Tycho Brahe suspected of killing Kepler
2h46m – Satellites
2h48m – Said engineering wise, the space shuttle is absolutely crazy
2h50m – Simon talks about his father, who passed away in 1990

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Fakeologist RadioHere is the summary I prepared of Fakeologist Radio Episode 82 with Onebornfree and Simon Shack of September Clues.

I had previously documented in a summary of another interview with Simon Shack that I hadn’t heard him say he doesn’t believe that satellites exist,  as was alleged, but he said so in this episode, which I found disappointing, since there is various evidence one can point to in arguing in favour of the existence of satellites, and this is a point I raised on my September 14, 2013 interview on Fakeologist Radio.

For instance, we can prove that AIDS is a scam, because the original papers linking HIV to AIDS have been shown to be fraudulent, and it can be demonstrated that HIV has never been classically proven to cause AIDS, and there are several highly prominent scientists and doctors who have said as much. Where are similar papers and scientists speaking out about satellites being fake?

And, we can also show what didn’t happen on 9/11, and that much of the official government narrative is false, but to talk about satellites not existing is the kind of thing that, even if true, could cause a lot of average people to tune out of the provable claims about 9/11, and other issues.

With that caveat, here is my summary of the show:

6m – Abirato talked about ruling structure — Jews and Jesuits, but said it definitely has a Jesuit flavour to it
7m – Said Jews are put forward as obvious choice — said you can’t criticize power structure unless you say it’s the Jews who do it
8m – Said he doesn’t go the way “everyone else does” about saying it’s Jews, and said it’s like a magician’s trick, in not looking where you’re told to look
19m – Claimed his site is under denial of service attack
29m – Fetzer can rattle off all sorts of facts about buildings and nuclear isotopes, but doesn’t talk about certain things
30m – Said he thinks Fetzer is confused, not an agent
40m – Can’t get in a word in edge-wise with Fetzer after he goes off on things
50m – OBF said he thinks Don Fox is an agent — saying Building 7 and pentagon were nuked
1h – He first thought Judy Wood’s work was correct, then rejected it
1h6m – Possibility of false 9/11 Truth opposition, so that people who question it see people questioning it and don’t do anything
1h9m – Says he’s of two minds about Fetzer — one day he thinks he’s a govt agent
1h21m – Rollo says he thinks Fetzer is a professional liar
1h35m – Simon saying real victim families would be suing him for saying there were fake victims
1h39m – Simon saying Fetzer called OBF an idiot
1h41m – John Friend-Mike Delaney debate with Delaney saying Simon Shack is Jewish
1h42m – Simon put up his real phone numbers, but didn’t get any real survivors calling
1h42m – Simon said he has regrets about his missile theory in september clues
1h44m – Fetzer and Don Fox gatekeeping for the images of September 11 as being real
1h44m – Simon said he thinks Fetzer is on the payroll of the media people
1h46m – Simon said he’s not happy that Clues Forum is one of the few places to talk about these things
1h51m – Simon said they probably used very powerful military smoke machines on 9/11 so no one could see the towers
1h55m – Eric Darton wrote a book in 1993, saying they emptied the towers then
1h58m – Simon said Dianne Sawyer and Matt Lauer obviously in on it
2h10m – Simon said Fetzer turned the meaning of prima facie on its head
2h12m – Simon said to OBF that we have to say now that Jim Fetzer is a major gatekeeper, and is part of a team along with ace baker, Nico Haupt, Webfairy, Don Fox, Kevin Barrett
2h13m – Simon said he sees Alex Jones as catering to the Tea Party and Fetzer catering to the liberal faction
2h14m – Ace Baker committing suicide live on Fetzer’s show
2h15m – Said Judy Wood is on the same team as Fetzer, along with Richard Hall
2h21m – OBF said he thinks Don Fox is definitely an agent
2h22m – Fetzer saying it’s beyond doubt that the towers were nuked
2h28m – Simon saying we don’t know if nuclear weapons exist — saying they are building a hoax upon a hoax with talk of mini nukes on 9/11
2h30m – Simon called Dimitri Khalezov an incredible clown
2h31m – OBF said he found Khalezov to be very patient in a thread on Veterans Today
2h34m – Simon said he really likes John Friend, but said the problem is, his past association with Prothink guys
2h36m – Italy now a country that puts people in jail for questioning the Holocaust
2h38m – Said the Moon landing pics are transparently ridiculous
2h43m – Simon said don’t go there, to caller about the nature of the universe
2h45m – Said we don’t have the ability to go above 100km into the air
2h47m – Simon said he doesn’t think satellites exist, admitted he would be attacked by all sorts of people for saying that, saying if you believe NASA, they say we have 17,000 of them now
2h55m – Ab said they perpetrate hoaxes that people can’t go there to verify or disprove
3h2m – Simon said same people behind Moon landings and 9/11 fakery
3h8m – Simon said we have to stop giving the benefit of the doubt to Fetzer about 9/11
3h8m – Simon said Alex Jones is too blatant, and looks too foolish as a gatekeeper
3h11m – They speculated that Bart Sibrel of Astronauts Gone Wild may have staged the whole thing
3h13m – Simon said he’s more and more convinced that Steve Rosenbaum is behind all these 9/11 amateur videos
3h16m – Said yes, Rosenbaum’s Jewish, and he also named Kenneth Feinberg
3h17m – Said there are many, many Jews involved
3h17m – Ab said many Jews were put there as a visible target
3h24m – Question about Brian Staveley being a shill
3h26m – Markus Allen has simon on his list of gatekeepers, and his name is Markus Goldstein
3h26m – Rollo defensive about the Jewish question
3h27m – Said Markus Allen is a stalker
3h28m – Rollo said Markus told him that Fetzer was a total fraud
3h29m – Simon said ace baker was rolled out to discredit September Clues
3h31m – He addresses the sponsorship of his brother by a bin Laden brother
3h44m – Simon said Fetzer’s purpose is to absorb the people who follow Simon’s research
3h50m – Simon getting annoyed by caller, asking for moderator to intervene
3h54m – Simon said they used an algorithm to create fake victim names
3h57m – Said he’s been waiting a decade for a family member to call him saying they had someone die
3h57m – Alleged celebrity deaths
3h59m – Said they had some real people disappear, and some fake people disappear, to get us running around in circles, questioning things
4h – Asked why he makes statement that no one died on 9/11, when it’s unknowable to us, and simon said it’s because of his logic and research
4h2m – Said Rudy Giuliani is a mobster for saying for 2 weeks that 6667 died
4h3m – Made fun of Howard Lutnik of Cantor-Fitzgerald, for claiming his brother died on 9/11
4h5m – Missing Links documentary

1) Summary of John Friend’s excellent interview with Simon Shack of September Clues, November 6, 2013

2) Summary of September Clues’ Simon Shack March 17, 2013 interview on Radio.Abirato

3) Creepy and suspicious 9/11 testimony by victim’s mother

4) Onebornfree scheduled to be back on Exposing Faux Capitalism with Jason Erb, November 17, 2013

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English: A closeup of the fireball and mushroo...

From his blog, donaldfox.wordpress.com, which is entitled, “Exposing the Nuclear Truth of 9/11,” we see some interesting articles having nothing to do with what the site purports to present.

From January 1, 2013, he wrote the post, Saturday Night Special: Vikings vs. Packers NFC Wild Card Game, where he informs his readers about all the important details of a particular NFL game, and nothing about the critical matter of 9/11.

Then, from December 25, 2012, he wrote the post, Windows 8 and Office 2013 First Impressions, again, with nothing about the critical matter of 9/11.

If that wasn’t confusing enough for his readers, his December 18, 2012 post, PIDcast with Clare Kuehn, we have Fox giving credence to a theory that the real Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced by a look-alike.

If these posts weren’t questionable enough, there is the October 29, 2012 Veterans Today article by Don Fox, along with Clare Kuehn, Jeff Prager and four others. Veterans Today is the publication that editor Gordon Duff says is about 30% “patently false.”

I wrote about how this article is inflammatory and unscientific, by engaging in character assassination against alternative 9/11 theoritsts, Dr. Judy Wood and Dr. Steven E. Jones.

Then, we have Jeff Prager insisting that Adam Lanza was a lone gunman who carried out the Sandy Hook shootings, despite strong evidence for multiple shooters, as I have previously written about.

We are now starting to see a pattern of behaviour from three of this crew, in engaging in unusual and questionable activity, which makes me wonder what their true motivations are.

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September 11, 2001 attacks in New York City: V...

From the October 29, 2012 article, “Mini-Neutron Bombs: A Major Piece of the 9/11 Puzzle by Don Fox, Clare Kuehn, Jeff Prager, Jim Viken and Dr. Ed Ward (with Dennis Cimino and Jim Fetzer),” the authors raise some very important evidence and questions concerning what brought down the World Trade Towers on September 11, 2001.

However, why the inflammatory, unscientific rhetoric, such as (emphasis mine):

Steve Jones true audience may be the good people in the military establishment who would freak out at the use of tactical nuclear weapons on civilians. He’s probably not trying to convince the average Joe Blow on the street that thermite destroyed these giant skyscrapers. He’s merely trying to keep a lid on the use of nukes. This is classic CYA; he’s covering the assess of his buddies at the nuke labs. Nobody wants to get their government funding cut. Or worse yet go to jail.

So the Judy Wood bottom line is: no nukes on 9/11, no new investigation is needed and follow John Hutchison’s BS on YouTube or whatever. Don’t look at what’s going on at Los Alamos, Sandia, Lawrence Livermore or Oak Ridge. This is a recipe for going nowhere. She is a gatekeeper and nothing more. The efforts of her crew are coordinated so it appears Judy Wood is an intelligence operative.

Being stuck on seeing an (possibly) airy-fairy version of the EMF effects does not make one a deliberate disinfo person. In fact, one can see her emphasize things you people would only have majorly noticed — probably — such as the ongoing dustification IN MID-AIR of spires, with no heat-melt effects or flashes, if she had not pointed them out.

In doing so, she’s been emphasizing her stuff so long that though she’s always HAD room for nuclear EFFECTS, the regular bomb nuke idea, which was around when she started, DESERVED ridicule, and she’s GOTTEN STUCK IN DEFENSIVENESS. ——- Who hasn’t run into THAT elsewhere? HA HA ha.

Clare wants to think Dr. Wood is ignorant. She is not. Contact her. Ask to discuss my 22 pages titled, “19-42″ which I’ve linked in these emails repeatedly. She will not. Dr. Jones won’t either. One cannot, as a scientist, publicly make an ass of oneself and a public debate on those pages with me, or anyone else with a full understanding of the material in them, would crucify either of them and they know it.

Dr. Jones’ samples were acquired, handled and used in such a way that anyone, including Dr. Jones himself, could have tampered with those samples and as I’ve stated previously, no true scientist in his right mind would use them, yet Jones did.

What is the agenda of the seven authors of this article with such statements?

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