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With the March 15, 2013 announcement by Doug Owen on Blacklisted News Radio that Oracle Broadcasting will be ending its nearly 5-year operations with live broadcasts on April 1, that means that the last broadcast of my show, Exposing Faux Capitalism, on Oracle Broadcasting will be on March 31, from 1 to 3 PM Eastern.

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Alex JonesOn the August 5, 2012 episode of Oracle Unleashed, co-founder of Oracle Broadcasting, Doug Owen, revealed (at 25:10):

Gary Franchi said, quite honestly, that Alex Jones told him if he ever backbit him, that he would squish him like a bug, and that he would be dead in this movement.

This explains Gary Franchi’s childish behaviour in April 2009, which I documented in my article, Alex Thomas avoids Lee Rogers’ show out of fear for Alex Jones’ blacklist, and I am reproducing the relevant portions here.

When I was co-hosting Right to Redress with Steve Allen and Jason Erb on Restore the Republic Radio in 2009, several of us wanted to start a show called Alex Jones Revisited, in response to questions we and others had about Alex Jones based on his own call for his listeners to research for themselves about the claims he makes.

In response, and without any notification to me, owner of Restore the Republic, Gary Franchi, held a conference call and acted like a spoiled baby and informed the owner of the network that despite Restore the Republic Radio having no official connection with Restore the Republic, he planned on cutting all ties and said we had to choose a different name for the network if we went through with our plan for the new show. To the credit of the network’s owner, and as an example for all network owners, he didn’t back down.

It’s revealing that on the May 31, 2012 episode of Live Free or Die Radio, Lee Rogers mentioned that he had raised questions several years ago about Alex Jones to Gary Franchi, only to notice that a few months later, Franchi was a guest on Jones’ program.

Apparently Franchi didn’t have the same concerns, but his behaviour which I had personally witnessed, showed me that not only did he lack discernment, but that it wasn’t really all about the truth and saving the country like he and so many other so-called patriots claim to be in the movement for.

Some doubted the authenticity of Jack Blood’s story about Alex Jones talking about going after fellow patriot radio hosts who he felt were a threat to him, and thought it may just have been sour grapes, but is there any doubt now based on what a reliable source has relayed about what Gary Franchi had told him?

Was fellow GCN host, George Whitehurst-Berry, also “squish[ed] like a bug” for getting up to at least 90% of Alex Jones’ live online GCN listenership and thoroughly exposing the HIV/AIDS scam while Alex continued to peddle fear about a virus that hasn’t even been proven to exist?

For more on the Alex Jones operation, see my August 5, 2012 episode of Exposing Faux Capitalism.

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Doug Owen, co-founder of Oracle Broadcasting, host of Blacklisted Radio and Webmaster of Blacklisted News, was a guest on the June 27, 2012 episode of Live Free or Die Radio with Lee Rogers, and said (at 2:27:37):

If you haven’t had a chance to, you should check out Jason Erb’s show on Sundays at noon (Central) here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network. I listened to it last week — riveting, and it’s all about money. He talks about exposing Faux Capitalism — that is the whole crux of his show.

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