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AlexaAccording to Alexa.com, as of May 12, 2013, FauxCapitalist.com, a part-time, unpaid effort, had a 3-month ranking of 181,062th place among all websites accessed from the United States.

This compares with a 3-month worldwide rating of 90,706th place for the Daily Bell, whose founder admitted to working for large international banks, despite portraying itself as an alternative site, and was later proven to have lied about their numbers.

The Daily Bell likes to talk a lot about efficiencies of the free market, and despite them trying to shoot the messenger and blaming Alexa’s ranking system only after their ranking started tanking, the free market is showing that more Americans are opting for more efficient websites from a cost-benefit analysis than all visitors are to theirs.

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English: Canada Post LLV in service

From the August 17, 2012 Toronto Star article, Canada Post changing how it delivers mail:

“The amount of mail in the system is declining, so we need better and more efficient ways of delivering the mail,” said Canada Post spokesman Jon Hamilton, emphasizing once the new method is implemented across Canada it should result in annual savings of $250 million.

The new model won’t adopt the U.S. Postal Service’s style where delivery vans often pull up to mailboxes at the curb where carriers don’t get out of their vehicles.

Hamilton said this new system will help reduce labour costs, which account for 71 per cent of Canada Post’s budget, because by changing starting time, letter carriers will be able to mail pickups at the end of their shifts.

Previously, I wrote the article, Canada Post as a model for saving the U.S. Postal Service, wherein I documented Canada Post’s 16-year consecutive profit, showing that government services are capable of being competitive, despite the constant rhetoric of well-funded government-regulated and government-sanctioned entities like the Mises Institute.

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