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Ellen BrownEllen Brown was on the Progressive Radio News Hour with Stephen Lendman on January 26, 2014, and here were some of the highlights:

– Her candidacy for Treasurer of California, where she intends to invest $75 billion of public funds in a public bank, instead of speculative Wall Street investments.
– The third annual Public Banking Institute conference to be held in Detroit in 2014
– Costa Rica’s banking system 80% publicly owned (Ed. They were ranked 53th most economically free out of 178 countries in the 2014 Index of Economic Freedom, ahead of Mexico and France).
– California governor Jerry Brown shocked at banks making 10 times the principal off of loans, regulated it down to four times the amount — still too high!
– The Bank of North Dakota the only publicly-owned deposit bank in the U.S. that serves the people
– Credit card companies making 2% off of purchases, and until recently, State laws prohibited retailers from charging a lower price for cash purchases.
– Her support for a new Bill of Rights to provide for housing, basic health care, etc. (This is one of the few points I disagree with her)

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As announced on Bill Still’s Still Report, Ellen Brown will be running for the position of Treasurer in California.

The good news is that the position is elected by the people, instead of being appointed by the legislature or any executive.

The Treasurer has a $75 billion investment fund, where some funds could be moved into a public bank.

Even if she doesn’t get elected, from my experience of following politics closely for over two decades, putting her name on the ballot raises awareness and gives her more attention and credibility in a subsequent election when there is more demand for positive change.

Instead of just sitting around and complaining or instilling people with hopelessness, Ellen Brown is directly engaging the public through the political process.

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Exposing Faux Capitalism

On the June 16, 2013 episode of Exposing Faux Capitalism with Jason Erb on Truth Frequency Radio, I interviewed Joseph Meyer in the first hour and Ellen Brown in the second hour.

In the first hour, I spoke with Joseph, a financial analyst and publisher of the monthly newsletter, Straight Money Analysis, about the continuing challenges facing European countries, bogus unemployment and inflation numbers and the precious metals markets.

In the second hour, I spoke with Ellen, a public banking monetary reformer and author of Web of Debt, about her new book, The Public Bank Solution, her recent 2013 Public Banking Institute Conference and her recent article, Elizabeth Warren’s QE for Students: Populist Demagoguery or Economic Breakthrough?

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Ellen BrownEllen Brown is scheduled to be my guest on Exposing Faux Capitalism on June 16, 2013 from 8 to 9 PM Eastern on Truth Frequency Radio to discuss the highly successful 2013 Public Banking Institute conference from June 2 to 4, and current issues like her recent article, Elizabeth Warren’s QE for Students: Populist Demagoguery or Economic Breakthrough?

I previously interviewed Ellen on March 31, 2013, when she provided shocking revelations about “their” plans for your money.

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Ellen BrownListeners can enjoy Ellen Brown’s regular appearances on Crisis of Reality on Oracle Broadcasting with Doug Newberry.

Since the show’s inception in August of 2012, Ellen has been on seven times:

March 12 – Wealth inequality

February 25 – The economic crisis

January 22 – The trillion dollar coin

December 20 – Public banking

December 19 – Financial slavery

September 26 – Public banking

September 6

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WiredFrom the January 10, 2013 Wired.com article, Meet the Genius Behind the Trillion-Dollar Coin and the Plot to Breach the Debt Ceiling:

Ever the lawyer, Beowulf dived into Title 31 of the U.S. Code: “Money and Finance.” That Journal article was still rattling around in his head. He was also inspired by ideas from attorney-turned-finance-author Ellen Brown, who in her 2008 book Web of Debt quoted a 1980s-era director of Treasury’s Bureau of Engraving and Printing as saying the government could solve its debt problems by printing large coins. He wasn’t talking about circumventing the debt ceiling, which hadn’t yet become a political football, but he may have been on to something.

Wherein they linked to my 2011 article, Ellen Brown on a simple and constitutional way to pay off the United States national debt.

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Gary North speaking at the Mises Institute aft...On June 8, 2012, I wrote the article, Gary North, before correcting Ellen Brown’s mistakes, correct your own, about mistakes that fellow Austrian School economist, Dr. Walter Block, had noted about Gary North.

On June 27, Dr. Walter Block noted yet more mistakes by Gary North.

Here are some select quotations:

But this is an error. As it happens, in a previous blog, I pointed out this very mistake of his:

However, Dr. North either did not read this, or ignored it if he did, and is still repeating his misinterpretation of Rothbardian anarchism.

Now this is just plain silly. Did Dr. North not ever hear of private defense agencies that Murray Rothbard wrote about again and again?

So Professor Jesus Huerta de Soto is entirely correct on this particular dispute between them, and Dr. North is in error.

Credit goes to Lew Rockwell for publishing dissent among fellow Austrian economists, and to Walter Block for calling out Gary North on his mistakes and outlandish claims, as I have many times in the past.

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