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On the December 20, 2011 episode of Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Monteith, Dr. Stan made some provocative claims in response to a caller asking about the AIDS scam. Here is the transcript, with pause words removed:

Caller: “I’ve got a question. You were talking about HIV and AIDS. Another program, that pointed out that it’s a myth that HIV cause AIDS, and that, actually, the testing supposedly to test for HIV-positive is actually a test of symptoms rather than a true marker of a virus.”

Dr. Stan: “That’s Duesberg’s material. Duesberg was one of the people who worked for the CIA to develop this drug.

If you can look at the Special Virus Cancer reports, you’ll find Dr. Duesberg there.

I mean, Dr. Duesberg says nobody will debate him. He won’t debate me. And he threatened to walk out of the studio if I was allowed to be on the radio along with him.

In fact, Duesberg’s partner claimed that I was a CIA agent, pushing this idea that there was an AIDS epidemic when there wasn’t one.

And, Duesberg is very, very clever. And sometime, we could do a whole program on how he has actually confused this whole issue.

But I wrote a treatise on Duesberg and the lie that he’s putting out. It’s all to confuse you. Don’t let him confuse you. This has killed tens of millions of people. It’s designed to kill hundreds of millions of people. Fortunately, it hasn’t been successful, but it’s killing off the blacks of Africa. OK?”

Caller: “Can you tell me, is the test for HIV a true virus test, or is it a symptom?”

Dr. Stan: “No — basically it is a screening test. Then, of course, there’s the blot test. First you have to do the screening test. That’s a screen. And then there’s a secondary test that you do, which of course is a Western Blot test, and that is very specifically for the proteins that this produces. There are other means of doing this, you can actually grow the virus.

So all of this is simply to confuse you. But you can’t grow the virus — it’s too expensive — so you do these mass screening tests. First of all, the HIV test, then the Western Blot test. And if both of those are positive, why then, you’re probably only one chance in probably 20,000 that it’s a false positive, OK? But they’re lying to us.

They lie, they lie, they lie. But they do it so convincingly. And I’ve had public health officials come to me privately and say, ‘Stan, we know what you’re doing is right, but we can’t back you publicly. But you keep up the good work.’ That’s what it’s all about.”

For an alternative view on the AIDS scam, including the evidence that HIV hasn’t even been proven to exist, let alone be the cause of AIDS, see my articles here, including:
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