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MoneyHere are my Top 5 2013 radio interviews, based on audience reach.

1) The Power Hour with Joyce Riley, December 16, 2013

2) Red Ice Radio, November 4 2013

3) The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett, Zoomer Radio AM 740, Toronto, November 3, 2013

4) Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Monteith, December 3, 2013

5) Erskine Overnight, November 16, 2013

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Here is a summary of my November 17, 2013 interview on Erskine Overnight, on the Genesis Communications Network:

2m – Usury redefined from any amount of interest to an arbitrary amount set by law
3m – Actual U.S. federal debt exceeds world’s annual economic production, and derivatives estimated to be over 1000 trillion dollars
4m – Derivatives brought down Wall Street banks, unregulated credit default swaps
6m – States getting around their constitutionally mandated balanced budget requirements
7m – States and federal government should be issuing their own interest-free credit
7m – interest-free United States Greenbacks
8m – Despite more seeming competition in U.S., relative to Canada, top 6 U.S. commercial banks have over 70% of commercial deposits
9m – Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland, founded in 1930, as a bank for central bankers, with around 60 countries as members
15m – Money is supposed to primarily serve as a medium of exchange between producers
15m – Money is actually functioning primarily as a medium of power
18m – 1933 gold confiscation, 1934 silver confiscation, 40% backing by gold, confiscated gold may have been pledged to international interests
19m – Canada’s largest gold bank, Scotiabank, caught not having enough physical gold in their vaults
20m – China and India’s interest in gold
21m – Platinum also a great micro investment
26m – Bitcoins – started in January 2009, don’t know who was behind it, all transactions are public
27m – government plans to tax Bitcoin transactions – income and capital gains
27m – $150 million in total Bitcoins at start of 2013, up to $4.5 billion as of mid-November 2013
29m – Ron Paul Liberty Dollar success, and subsequent government crackdown
31m – Success of the Bank of North Dakota
31m – Bill to study state bank, passed by California’s House and Senate, but vetoed by supposed man of the people, Democratic Governor, Jerry Brown
32m – Local currencies
32m – States prohibited from coining their own currency
33m – States can issue their own interest-free credit
38m – New bail-in provisions, even worse than bailouts
39m – Difference between capitalism and free enterprise
40m – Over 95% of money today is numbers in a computer
41m – Coins are only debt-free money put into circulation by government, currently
41m – Compound interest, compounding the debt exponentially, mathematically doomed to fail, because producers cannot exponentially increase their value to debtors in the long-run
42m – Banks can charge a fee instead of charging usury
43m – Need to cut back unsustainable federal programs, because tax revenues don’t match up with spending obligations
49m – Estimated $16 trillion given to banks by TARP bailout, and $1 trillion went to European banks alone at the hands of the so-called United States Federal Reserve
50m – Out of around 190 countries in the world, only around 30-40 countries had no net debt, or there was no information for them

For more on Erskine, see my articles here.

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George NooryHere’s what George Noory won’t be discussing at his June 29, 2013 Conspiracy Culture appearance in Toronto:

1) George Noory of Coast to Coast AM’s outrageous Alex Jones-Hitler hypocrisy

2) George Noory: “If it’s Jewish, I’m in support of it”

3) George Noory’s willful indifference to those suffering from the AIDS scam

Previously, I wrote the article, What George Noory won’t be discussing at Conspiracy Con 2012, about 10 things he wouldn’t dare tell his audience about, with one of the most prominent being Erskine of Erskine Overnight implies that George Noory made a deal with the devil in becoming host of Coast to Coast AM.

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Logo used by the "Ghostbusters" in t...

I know this will come as a surprise to many within the alternative media community, but articles by some of its prominent personalities are ghostwritten.

Erskine of Erskine Overnight had Mahesh Grossman on his August 21, 2010 show to explain the relatively underappreciated phenomenon of ghostwriting.

For example, it is acknowledged that Pat Robertson’s book, The New World Order, was ghostwritten, as was Barack Obama’s book, Dreams from My Father.

It was proven that Bob Chapman wasn’t writing all the articles published under his own name, as the day before he died, a 2500-word article bearing his name was published just a day after his daughter’s email made it clear that he was living out his last few days at home with his family, in no condition to even do a short radio interview, let alone write such a comprehensive article.

It is also clear that Ron Paul isn’t writing most, if any, of the articles published under his name. It would be laughable to suggest he is, since I once saw an article published under his name the day he was doing his duties as a Congressman, doing interviews, and participating in a televised debate that night.

Please, frequent readers and listeners of the alternative media, show some discernment in what you are being presented with, and don’t take everything you are given on face value just because it is from an “alternative” source.

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ErskineI was listening to the end of the first hour of Erskine Overnight for May 5, 2012, and had to listen a second time to confirm that Erskine had surprisingly denounced the GCN newscasts that run at the top of every hour for most shows on GCN, unless, of course, you get special treatment, like Alex Jones.

Erskine said (at 51:19):

We’ll be right back, after these unnecessary newscast[s].

I first heard Erskine on the air back in the 1990s, and lately, he is really letting his personal views be known:

1) Erskine of Erskine Overnight questions whether David Icke is controlled opposition

2) Erskine of Erskine Overnight implies that George Noory made a deal with the devil in becoming host of Coast to Coast AM

3) Erskine of Erskine Overnight says he was offered fame and fortune by hosting a Clear Channel program that sounds a lot like Coast to Coast AM, so long as he didn’t talk about “conspiracy stuff” (like the Trilateral Commission)

I remember when Michael Rivero was on GCN, and he had a problem with the IRN newscasts that GCN was running, saying they were too pro-Israel, and he specifically requested GCN to run INN newscasts during his show instead.

Luckily for Erskine, he has been on GCN since its earliest days and has many affiliates, but being the second highest-rated show among online listeners didn’t stop GCN from pulling the plug on George Whitehurst-Berry’s show, Crash! Are You Ready?

Given the pathetic state of the alternative media these days, I encourage Erskine to step up his public statements even more, and to go out with a bang as George Whitehurst-Berry did, and not a whimper.

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Bob Chapman, known for his 30 to 40-page twice-weekly International Forecaster publication and 25 hours of radio interviews a week, was uncharacteristically curt in his responses to questions posed by Erskine on Erskine Overnight on April 21, 2012.

He recently cut back his weekly evening appearance on Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Monteith, and if this becomes a trend, his Erskine Overnight appearance could be next.

Starting around six minutes in, he was asked four questions in succession and gave a one-sentence response. His curt responses continued throughout the interview, leading Erskine to intentionally ask less open-ended questions, sometimes to no avail, with Erskine elaborating more as he was expecting Chapman to do in his responses.

Erskine, if Bob’s as quiet in next month’s interview, I’d be more than happy to replace him as a regular guest, as I have lots to say in response to your questions.

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David Icke

Erskine of Erskine Overnight, broadcasting since the 1990s, and to his 60+ radio affiliates, said on his March 24, 2012 episode (at 47:59).

Sometimes you have somebody who has done some awfully good research — I can think of a couple of people — and in the middle of it, they are going to put in there something like, “aliens came down and ate my homework,” or they put something really stupid, which makes people think that all of the work that they’ve done was wrong. And, I’m sure that they do that on purpose.

I noticed that there was one fellow who wrote some awfully good material, and he wrote about the New World Order — what they were doing, what they were planning — and then he put in information about, “they’re all reptilians.” Now, what that does is discounts all the work he did to a lot of people. To me, I turned it totally off. The rest of the work he did was quite good, and then he puts in this other thing, and you’re going, “yeah, right.” To me, that is exactly what the problem is. There are people who try to make it look like nutcases and there are people who are trying to make everything that’s being said about the destruction of this country, “oh it’s just right wing folly, it’s just a nut case — the tin hat crowd.” And, in truth, they’ve been working on their plan very, very well, haven’t they?

The guest said he didn’t know what to make of David Icke, to which Erskine responded:

(Laughs) I didn’t, I didn’t mention his name, but his work is very good, and then he throws in this reptilian, which makes me think that he’s trying to discredit what everyone’s doing, I don’t, I have no idea, it makes no sense to me at all, I haven’t had him on this program and don’t plan to.

He didn’t mention David Icke’s name, until his guest prompted him to agree that that’s who he was referring to. In the same way, we didn’t need his guest, Adrian Krieg, to confirm that he was talking about Coast to Coast AM when he mentioned an offer to make lots of money hosting a big Clear Channel program, so long as he didn’t talk about conspiracy stuff.

It’s interesting to consider what George Noory’s agenda is in bringing David Icke on 12 times since hosting the show full-time since January 1, 2003, all while gatekeeping the $300+ billion AIDS scam, of which 90%+ of the scientific gatekeeping can be attributed to two individuals, who, like Noory, were Jesuit-educated: Anthony Fauci and Robert Gallo. Fauci threatened to destroy the careers of journalists who covered the issue and Gallo was shown through a Congressional investigation to have fraudulently changed his lead researcher’s finding that the probable cause of AIDS had not being found, to saying it had been found.

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