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AIDS ribbonIn response to the several government and/or Big Pharma-funded top 10 lists of myths about HIV/AIDS, here is my list of the real top 10 myths about HIV/AIDS:

1) HIV is proven to exist.

The Perth Group has been questioning this claim since 1988, saying that HIV has never been proven to exist, and provides the basis for its claim here.

2) HIV causes AIDS.

The AIDS establishment has never submitted a collection of papers conclusively demonstrating that HIV is the cause of AIDS, according to 1993 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, Dr. Kary Mullis:

If there is evidence that HIV causes AIDS, there should be scientific documents which either singly or collectively demonstrate that fact, at least with a high probability. There is no such document.” (Sunday Times (London) 28 Nov. 1993)

3) HIV is the necessary and sufficient cause of AIDS.

The “discoverer” of HIV, Dr. Luc Montagnier, admitted that HIV is not the necessary or sufficient cause of AIDS.

HIV is neither necessary nor sufficient to cause AIDS.

VI Int’l AIDS Conference, Jun 24 1990

4) The pictures of “HIV” are actually of virus particles, free of debris.

Two papers published in 1997 purporting to show electron micrograph pictures of “HIV” actually showed “debris”.

5) Robert Gallo discovered the cause of AIDS.

Robert Gallo committed fraud in claiming he had found the probable cause of AIDS, altering his lead scientist’s records which said that despite intensive research efforts, the cause had not yet been identified.

6) The first drug to treat HIV was tested with a valid placebo-controlled double-blind study completed on time.

The trials were unbound and ended prematurely, as documented in the book, Poison by Prescription: The AZT Story.

7) They found live virus in the blood of the sickest AIDS patients.

From an interview with virologist and electron microscopist, Dr. Etienne de Harven:

not one single particle of retrovirus has ever been seen by electron microscopy in the blood of any AIDS patients, even if one selects patients who are supposedly presenting with a high “viral load”

8) No one questions the cause of AIDS.

Over 2900 individuals publicly question the cause of AIDS, with 300+ MDs and 600+ PhDs, and two Nobel Prize winners.

9) ARVs are good for you if you are HIV+.

Dr. David Rasnick, a designer of protease inhibitors, a class of drugs used to treat AIDS, has spoken out about the toxicity of AIDS drugs, even if you test positive on the non-specific antibody test.

10) The “HIV” test has actually been demonstrated to test for a virus.

The manufacturer test kit inserts even admit that it doesn’t test for infection with HIV.

The ImmunoComb® II HIV 1 & 2 BiSpot kit is a screening test. Reactivity for antibodies to HIV-1/HIV-2 must not be considered a diagnosis of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) or of infection with HIV

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Etienne de HarvenHere is the publication, for the first time ever, of four questions posed to Dr. Etienne de Harven, about HIV and AIDS, by radio host George Whitehurst-Berry, back in October 2008:

Q: What is your background and what are your qualifications as a Scientist?

A: I am an MD, from Brussels University, 1953, and specialized in Pathology. I spent all my career in electron microscopy/cancer research, primarily while working as head of electron microscopy research at Sloan Kettering Institute, New York, from 1956 until 1981. I was the first one to describe, by electron microscopy, the Friend murine leukemia retrovirus. I was also the first to coin the word “budding” in describing the sequential steps in the assembly of retroviruses on the surface of the infected cells.

Q: How did you come to question the “official” version of the so-called HIV/AIDS “theory”?

A: I was first surprised, in the early 1980s, to learn that around 95% of the AIDS patients were males! In infectious disease pathology, the gender distribution of patients is close to 50/50! Obviously, this was not in line with the concept of AIDS being an infectious, contagious disease! Moreover, if AIDS was a sexually transmitted infectious disease, how do the “experts” explain that prostitutes do not get AIDS??

Q: What else should our readers know about the HIV/AIDS “theory”?

A: I wish your readers would know:
a) that not one single particle of retrovirus has ever been seen by electron microscopy in the blood of any AIDS patients, even if one selects patients who are supposedly presenting with a high “viral load”;
b) that all the beautiful pictures of “HIV” that we see in the press/magazine/etc. are ALL originating from complex laboratory cell culture systems, never directly from one single AIDS patient;
c) that retroviruses known in mice and birds never destroy the cells they infect, and are therefore not expected to destroy human CD4 lymphocytes; and
d) that the recent Nobel prize awarded to Luc Montagnier et al. is a politically correct manoeuvre in a desperate attempt to rescue the HIV theory that is crumbling since the 2007 publication of James Chin’s book on “The AIDS Pandemic – The collision of epidemiology with political correctness”.

Q: What problems have you encountered as an HIV/AIDS Truth Seeker from the “scientific” establishment, and from government officials opposed to free speech and free and open scientific debate?

A: Since my retirement in France, in 1993, I have been exposed to total censorship. I have written many letters (more than 12!) to the French newspaper “Le Monde”, to correct specific mistakes they were making in regard to the “HIV” theory. Not one single of my letters has ever been published by this highly regarded daily newspaper.

For the most extensive series of interviews on the AIDS scam from 2008-2010, see George Whitehurst-Berry’s archives here.

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