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I was listening to this 3-hour uninterrupted 2005 interview of Dr. Charles Murray, author of The Bell Curve, and just near the end, I recognized the late Eustace Mullins calling in!

It’s great when you know of certain people, recognizing their voice, and hear them on shows from years ago.

Eustace Mullins is known to many readers of this site as the author of the Secrets of the Federal Reserve, which G. Edward Griffin, acting as a hired hand for the John Birch Society, heavily borrowed from, topically, but repackaged, to conceal the problem of usury.

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The Daily Bell’s featured biography on April 25, 2012 is Ezra Pound.

I was expecting them to diss him for his support of “fiat money,” and saw that they made no reference to his support for Social Credit whatsoever.

Regional, interest-free currency advocate, Anthony Migchels, has pointed out how John Bircher, G. Edward Griffin, took Eustace Mullins’ work from The Secrets of the Federal Reserve — which advocated Social Credit — and steered his readers toward the Money Power’s so-called “free market” gold standard paradise of usury.

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