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Lindsey WilliamsAre Lindsey Williams’ bogus predictions unintentional, or deliberate?

According to the late Bill Cooper, Lindsey Williams was a Freemason, and he likely still is, given the consequences of the Freemasonic death oath (see Obligation section).

For more on the late Bill Cooper, see my article, The late Bill Cooper’s rousing speech on the common bond of all Americans: “It’s about freedom”

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This explains, for instance, why the $300+ billion AIDS scam continues to persist, despite the strong evidence against the HIV/AIDS hypothesis. When someone will go along with the group, even when their eyes clearly tell them something different, what should we expect of most people who have had fear instilled in them since the 1980s, and are told by authority figures in white lab coats that everything is as they say it is?

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