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MisleadingFirst, by the attacks being called acts of “terrorism” as opposed to mass murder, despite no evidence at the time that there was a political motive.

Second, that the FBI had any reason or authority to be the primary investigator of the bombings in the absence of evidence of federal crimes involving foreign perpetrators or inter-state activities.

Third, that the military has any authority to conduct police actions on civilians. This was expressly prohibited by the Posse Comitatus Act (1878), and military police action against civilians is contrary to a free society.

Fourth, that a no-fly zone over Boston was justified. In rules of warfare, a no-fly zone is an act of war, as this former Washington Post military correspondent attests, and a de-facto declaration of war was made against the civilian population of Boston.

Fifth, that police have any authority to conduct arbitrary door-to-door searches without a warrant. Such action is expressly prohibited by the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The only exigent circumstance to conduct a warrantless search of a home is if there is a clear and present danger to the physical safety or life of others by someone in the house, and if obtaining a warrant would unduly put the life of others at risk, and such exceptions are only justified on the basis that government is instituted to protect life, liberty and property.

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Investigate 9/11

I compiled this list in May, 2012, and wanted to write several articles on various aspects of 9/11 after writing What Didn’t Happen on 9/11, but didn’t get the chance, so I am reproducing this list now for others to benefit from.

The “miracle” of the hit on the Pentagon

Claims Flight 77 dove 7000 feet in only 2.5 minutes

Flight instructor said alleged Flight 77 pilot was like Dumb and Dumber, just a month before 9/11.

Former FBI agent who was tracking bin Laden killed on 9/11, two weeks after he became Head of Security at the WTC.

Pentagon security cam from 9/11 shows September 12 instead of September 11.

Supposed lead hijacker, Mohamed Atta shown at Portland airport, not Logan, and the timestamp is different from the middle of the image to the timestamp at the bottom.

Passenger lists don’t add up

FBI Director says hijackers left no paper trail, only to claim years later that they found the list of hijackers in Atta’s supposed bag at Logan airport

In 2002, Mohammed Atta’s father says he’s still alive and in hiding

Atta’s alleged luggage

Claims Atta argued in the airport parking lot, drawing attention to himself

9/11 timeline for comparison

December 26, 2001 Fox report saying bin Laden is reportedly dead

Flights 93 and 175 deregistered 4 years after 9/11

CNN reports the FBI found a hijacker’s unscathed passport just a few blocks away from the WTC!

Reported 9/11 victims list doesn’t list any of the alleged hijackers

Great analysis of the suspicious Todd Beamer Flight 93 phone call

Was the South Tower struck by a military drone?

Was America attacked by Muslims on 9/11?

Analysis of the alleged three flight calls with audio

FAA “draft” memo says a Flight 11 passenger was shot. A passenger allegedly stabbed/shot by hijackers despite sitting next to a former elite Israeli commando

Flight 11 flight attendant call reports 4 hijackers while FBI reports 5, and they reported different seat numbers

Alleged Flight 93 cockpit voice recorder timeline transcript laughably shows the hijackers calling for the pilot to be brought back, while another timeline claims the pilot has already been stabbed

FBI agent warned the FBI about the alleged 20th hijacker more than 70 times before 9/11!

Flight 93 flight attendant call audio shows possible coaching

Analysis of the suspicious Ceecee Lyles Flight 93 flight attendant call

Flight 93 passenger report

The suspicious Amy Sweeney Flight 11 flight attendant call

Plane footage analysis

Lead hijacker’s alleged voice. He’s Egyptian but voice sounds Caribbean

Flight 93 call records, shows 35 airphone calls, 2 cell calls, with some calls lasting after the plane allegedly crashed

Analysis of the alleged 9/11 flight calls

Excerpts from the book, The New Pearl Harbor

Flight 11, reexamined

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Project CensoredProject Censored has released its Top 25 censored stories of 2013.

Rounding out the Top 5 are:

1. Signs of an emerging police state
2. Oceans in peril
3. Fukushima nuclear disaster worse than expected
4. FBI agents responsible for majority of terror plots in the United States
5. First Federal Reserve audit reveals trillions loaned to major banks

Conspicuously absent in the Top 25 is this May 2012 heavily censored story of a U.S. Army sergeant being acquitted on all four HIV-related criminal charges on the basis that the so-called “HIV” tests aren’t proven to be valid.

For more on why this conclusion comes as no surprise to over 2800 individuals, including 300+ with MDs and 600+ with PhDs, see more at Rethinking AIDS.

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Stan MonteithFrom the August 9, 2012 episode of Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Monteith, he said (at 27:16):

I’ve seen my FBI file — I was able to get hold of it, 20 years ago. Page after page after page, blacked out in the name of national security. But the one thing they did have is every time I’d ever given a talk any place and there was an article in the paper, they had the clippings on all the talks I’d given. They knew more about me than I knew about myself, and this was 20 years ago. And what was my crime? Well, I was a patriot, and I was around talking about the dangers of communism.

For more on Dr. Stan Monteith, see my articles:

1) Dr. Stan Monteith on Judge Andrew Napolitano: “Is he another plant in the conservative movement?”

2) Dr. Stan Monteith: “I’m sure that they’ve infiltrated and neutralized Ron Paul’s political candidacy”

3) Dr. Stan Monteith: “Most of the conservative organizations have been infiltrated”

4) Dr. Stan Monteith: “I want you to know, we are not tax deductible, because we want to be able to tell you the truth”

5) Dr. Stan Monteith on Lyndon LaRouche: “He is, I believe, part of the controlled opposition”

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Hand grenade 001

I first heard this claim on a show that the late Bob Chapman was a regular guest on, and heard Alex Jones repeat it on June 7, 2012, in a reflection on Bob Chapman’s life.

At 1:26, Alex Jones said:

Bob had been harassed by the FBI, he had hand grenades planted in his house.

The part about “the Feds” planting hand grenades in his house is pure fantasy, and should be treated as such, until extraordinary evidence is provided for such an extraordinary claim.

This is an example of what I find to be the lack of critical analysis among the vast majority of those in the so-called alternative media.

That the government would try to intimidate or kill Bob Chapman using such a literally explosive means strains credulity, in drawing so much unnecessary attention when there are far more subtle ways of killing someone, especially if you have the means of government at your disposal.

Even if hand grenades were planted there to intimidate him — without going off — where is the police report or local media reports of such an incident? It should’ve generated a lot of attention, given the danger it would have placed nearby residents in.

Hand grenades aren’t something you take into your own hands and dump in a nearby trash bin. The police have to be phoned, and the bomb squad has to be brought in. That would draw a lot of attention, even before the days of the World Wide Web.

I could believe that devices made to look like hand grenades were placed in his house, but there would be no way of knowing for sure until they are professionally identified, and it would be putting other people’s lives at risk to make that determination on your own.

Another variation of this story is that they tried planting hand grenades in his home. Well, saying you’ll try something isn’t anywhere close to actually doing it. We learned in March 2012 that Osama bin Laden — despite being killed for the ninth time — planned on killing Obama, but regardless of whether he was still alive to do it, he clearly didn’t do it, and such intentions were rendered of no effect.

In short, the planting of hand grenades in Bob Chapman’s house didn’t happen, but one thing it did do is boost his alternative media “street cred.”

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On May 15, 2009, the Conservative government of Canada tried to renew the encroachment on Canadian’s liberties in the name of “modernization” and “safety,” after some key setbacks to the anti-individual liberty agenda of groups like the Bilderberg Group. They introduced legislation, Bill C-31, to allow for the fingerprinting of arrested individuals, before they’re charged.

It was news to me at the time, that they couldn’t legally fingerprint you on arrest without charges. At least, not without your ignorance and/or consent. Discovering that made me want to protect a liberty that I’m surprised has lasted this long, eight years after 9/11. In the U.S., the FBI currently fingerprints arrested individuals who aren’t necessarily charged.

There is the caveat: “only those accused of serious, indictable offences would be fingerprinted and photographed before charges were laid.” Ah, but isn’t that the way it always is, at first?

I’m pleased to report that eight months later, the Bill is tied up in a House committee after second reading. For those unfamiliar with the parliamentary process, second reading is where bills really get scrutinized, picked apart, and amended. The other two readings are more of a formality.

Barring a more politically aware and active Canadian populace, as this blog hopes to inspire, they will be able to ram these and other provisions through at the right opportunity, as they so predictably do.

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