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Fifteen Steps to Corporate FeudalismPrior to interviewing Dennis Marker, author of the book Fifteen Steps to Corporate Feudalism: How the Rich Convinced America’s Middle Class to Eliminate Themselves, I obtained a Kindle copy of his book for only $8 USD on Amazon.com.

During the interview, he informed me that you can obtain an autographed hard copy of his book with free shipping from his website, thefifteensteps.com.

In the interview, he confirmed what I had noticed myself, which is that it is a very easy read, and that is good, since his target audience is all of Middle America.

I was heartened to hear him relay the story of a grandmother reading the book recently and being awakened for the first time to what had taken place right under her nose in the past 30 years.

Though I disagree with some of his solutions, namely those advocating more than a very limited role for the federal government, I agree with his identification of all 15 steps that have been deliberately undertaken to transform the United States to a corporate feudalist state.

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