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Deanna Spingola

Deanna Spingola

I will be a guest on Spingola Speaks with Deanna Spingola for the full two hours, from 12 to 2 PM EDT, on Republic Broadcasting, speaking about alternative economics.

Deanna Spingola is only the second person I have heard on radio (George Whitehurst-Berry being the first) to mention how the banksters intentionally sabotaged the interest-free Lincoln Greenbacks, which is intentionally suppressed by even most of the so-called alternative media.

For more on the Lincoln Greenbacks, see my article, The Federal Reserve lies about United States Notes (Lincoln Greenbacks).

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FromĀ http://screen.yahoo.com/b?mc=100000000/&z=mc&db=stocks&vw=1&b=1 we see an example of incorrect financial numbers from a prominent financial site.

As of Saturday, February 21, 2009, it incorrectly reports the following three publicly traded stocks as having the highest market capitalization (T represents trillions of U.S. dollars):

CEO 3.83T
NTT 2.97T
BCH 2.77T

Google Finance and Reuters reports the correct values (B represents billions of U.S. dollars):

CEO 38.32B
NTT 59.46B
BCH 4.62B

Yahoo’s numbers are off by a factor of 99.9 times, 49.9 times, and 599.6 times, respectively.

These discrepancies (for as long as they exist) can be independently verified by going to the following individual links (modify the stock symbol as appropriate):

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