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I’m scheduled to be on Doug Newberry’s Crisis of Reality on March 20, 2013 from 1 to 2 PM Eastern on Oracle Broadcasting.

My latest appearance on Doug’s show was on February 20, 2013, where I discussed many issues including fluoride, bogus unemployment and inflation numbers, alternative energy, U.S. retail store closures, the fraud of “creative destruction,” and Canada being more economically successful than the U.S. in recent years.

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In my interview with Dr. Stan Monteith of Radio Liberty on November 2, 2011, I reported on the challenges facing Canadians, and of several Canadian success stories of political activism since my first interview with him on September 22, 2010.

I alluded to a dozen major developments, of which I mentioned the three major ones: the planned scrapping of the long-gun registry, the removal of fluoride from the municipal water supply in Waterloo and Calgary, and a majority of eligible B.C. voters voting to scrap the so-called Harmonized Sales Tax imposed upon them.

1) The long-gun registry is set to be scrapped now that the Conservatives have a majority and a bill has been introduced.
2) A sitting Canadian senator and Trilateral Commission member has called for a North American Parliament and a guaranteed minimum wage for all Canadians.
3) British Columbians in a historic referendum vote to scrap their government-imposed Harmonized Sales Tax (The first such vote in the English-speaking commonwealth).
4) Municipal water fluoridation voted down in Waterloo in 2010 and by Calgary city council in 2011.
5) A joint U.S.-Canadian unconstitutional plan to have law enforcement interoperability on the border by 2012.
6) Around a million Americans living in Canada being targeted by the IRS to file their taxes and report their bank account holdings going back several years.
7) Desperate for cash, the U.S. has imposed a new $5.50 entry fee on Canadian travelers.
8) Increasing economic freedom in Canada relative to the U.S., with Canada being rated the best country in the world to do business by Forbes.
9) Incandescent light bulb ban delay until 2014 in Canada.
10) Canadian combat operations in Afghanistan ended in July 2011, all troops scheduled to leave by Dec. 2011.
11) How the U.S. no-fly list became the Canadian no-fly list.
12) Toronto 2010 G20 fallout: Nearly 60% of charges dropped against 1100 arrested.

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Giant Canadian flag in downtown Vancouver

The B.C. referendum success of voting to scrap the federally administered HST on August 26, 2011, represents a trend of Canadian success stories of reigning in government since 2010.

While liberty has taken a back seat on the mad rush toward more and more government control in people’s lives, Canadians have fought back in three key ways since 2010.

First, on October 26, 2010, with city of Waterloo residents rejecting continued fluoridation of their water, despite the arrogant attempts of some so-called dental professionals in only showing up for one of three scheduled debates on the issue, presenting their arguments on high from their proverbial Mount Olympus.

To me, that vote, along with the rejection of merger talks with neighbouring Kitchener, was tangible evidence of Waterloo finally earning some of its otherwise premature designation as the world’s most intelligent community in 2007.

Then, on February 8, 2011, Calgary city council voted overwhelming to no longer forcibly medicate its residents with fluoride through their municipal water supply, and voted to reject hearing from a so-called panel of experts on the issue, recognizing that such a presentation is unworthy of consideration with regard to a fundamental human right.

In all three cases, liberty won out at the expense of arrogant politicians, so-called experts, and arrogant and over-reaching governments that have become a clear and present danger to the very existence of free Western societies since 9/11.

I hope that these examples will at least serve as an inspiration to those in the U.S. who are seeking to rein in what I view as their arrogant and over-reaching federal government. If the normally sanguine Canadians can push back on their government, then by George, surely Americans can push back on theirs!

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