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Lindsey WilliamsAre Lindsey Williams’ bogus predictions unintentional, or deliberate?

According to the late Bill Cooper, Lindsey Williams was a Freemason, and he likely still is, given the consequences of the Freemasonic death oath (see Obligation section).

For more on the late Bill Cooper, see my article, The late Bill Cooper’s rousing speech on the common bond of all Americans: “It’s about freedom”

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The Square and Compasses. The symbols employed...

The proof that Freemasonry isn’t a Christian institution is simply that Freemasons have displayed a Qur’an on the altar, according to a 33-Degree Mason, as reported by ABC News.

S. Brent Morris, who is, among other things, a 33-Degree Mason, master of the royal secret and managing editor of the Scottish Rite Journal, said that although Freemasonry was not a religion, it had overarching religious principles that were part of Masons’ rich traditions.

Morris said Freemasons displayed a Bible, a Koran and a Torah on their altar.

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