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I know this will come as a surprise to many within the alternative media community, but articles by some of its prominent personalities are ghostwritten.

Erskine of Erskine Overnight had Mahesh Grossman on his August 21, 2010 show to explain the relatively underappreciated phenomenon of ghostwriting.

For example, it is acknowledged that Pat Robertson’s book, The New World Order, was ghostwritten, as was Barack Obama’s book, Dreams from My Father.

It was proven that Bob Chapman wasn’t writing all the articles published under his own name, as the day before he died, a 2500-word article bearing his name was published just a day after his daughter’s email made it clear that he was living out his last few days at home with his family, in no condition to even do a short radio interview, let alone write such a comprehensive article.

It is also clear that Ron Paul isn’t writing most, if any, of the articles published under his name. It would be laughable to suggest he is, since I once saw an article published under his name the day he was doing his duties as a Congressman, doing interviews, and participating in a televised debate that night.

Please, frequent readers and listeners of the alternative media, show some discernment in what you are being presented with, and don’t take everything you are given on face value just because it is from an “alternative” source.

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