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On the August 2, 2014 episode of Exposing Faux Capitalism with Jason Erb, I discussed:

More analysis of The Gold Standard: Perspectives in the Austrian School (pp. 20-25), with Rothbard’s critique of a basket of currencies, bi-metallic standard and case for a single commodity gold standard.

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On the February 15, 2014 episode of Exposing Faux Capitalism with Jason Erb, I covered the following issues:

“Alex Jones’ muddled “Real Banking Solution”, The real top 10 myths about HIV/AIDS, and more on Perspectives of the Gold Standard in the Austrian School.”

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Tom WoodsOn the Sunday, January 5, 2014 episode of Exposing Faux Capitalism with Jason Erb, from 8 to 10 PM EST, I intend to provide a full critique and refutation of Tom Woods’ 2013 presentation paper, “Why the Greenbackers are Wrong“.

I find it very revealing that he had more time to prepare this paper than to investigate Bitcoin, for instance, which is a privately-issued alternative to the illusory free market gold standard he and most of his compatriots of the Austrian School keep pushing.

You know what they say — when you’re over the target, expect to get some flak.

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Tom J. KennedyMonetary reformer Tom J. Kennedy was my guest on the September 29, 2013 episode of Exposing Faux Capitalism.

Hour 1: Interview with Tom J. (UsuryFree) Kennedy about the 9th annual Usury Free week, from November 13 to 19, about the Richard Warman v. Fournier et al trial, Richard Warman’s civil case against him and David Icke, and about his monetary reform efforts.

Hour 2: The non-existent free market gold standard, Lew Rockwell’s selective publishing, tariffs, taxes, and my recent media appearances.

For my previous interview with Tom J. Kennedy, see here.

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On the May 19, 2013 episode of Exposing Faux Capitalism with Jason Erb on Truth Frequency Radio, I covered the following articles. Unfortunately, there was another show that aired on top of mine in the second hour.

Jason Erb interviewed by Dr. Stan Monteith on Canada now more free than the United States, May 7, 2013

Congress’ exclusive power to coin money doesn’t prevent private individuals from coining currency

The gold standard doesn’t necessitate 100% reserves

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speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...

Austrian School supporter Tom Woods apparently had no time to attend a 2012 Bitcoin conference, as this post reveals:

Here was Tom Woods’ response to an invitation to attend Bitcoin 2012:

“Dear [redacted] (if I may),

I am mortified at how long it’s taken me to get back to you. I am getting so much email these days I can’t possibly keep on top of it.

While I genuinely appreciate the invitation, I’ll have to decline. The whole Bitcoin issue is something I need to read about and give some thought to, and in the near future, with major projects and deadlines all over the place, I won’t be in the proper frame of mind to do so.

Tom Woods”

Yet he apparently had time to engage in a false gold standard dialectic, as I wrote about in my article, The Huffington Post-Tom Woods controlled opposition gold standard debate, and to misrepresent the record of government-issued currencies, as most recently demonstrated by his article, Why the Greenbackers are Wrong. I most recently discussed such misrepresentation in my appearance on Doug Newberry’s Crisis of Reality on January 24, 2013.

Even Lew Rockwell has gotten with the times and embraced donations to his website, through his secret paywall, with a privately-created currency not backed by some precious metal.

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Doug NewberryI was interviewed by Doug Newberry of Crisis of Reality on January 24, 2013.

Here is the video, and here is the video of my January 9 appearance.

In my most recent interview, I discussed the false choice between Keynesian and Austrian economics, how Alex Jones is to his audience what Rush Limbaugh was to his audience back in the 1980s, the strange bedfellows of Karl Marx and Ayn Rand, how the banksters are using the dialectic of non-commodity money vs. a so-called free market gold standard to arrive at their government-guaranteed gold standard, and how Marx, Keynes, Rand, Greenspan and Mises don’t implicate the parasitic usurer, despite some of them being seemingly opposed to each other on many issues.

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