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Alan HartDennis Fetcho, host of Inside the Eye Live! on Oracle Broadcasting, and an American living in Amman, Jordan, interviewed Alan Hart, author of the three volume series, Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews, on the November 17, 2012 episode of his show.

In this fascinating interview, Alan Hart recounted:

– His career with the BBC, and what he wasn’t allowed to say
– How Zionism fuels anti-Semitism (I don’t personally use this term, since Semites includes Arabs)
– How Israel is a Zionist state, and not a Jewish state
– His friendship with former Israeli Prime Minister, Golda Meir, and how he told her that if Israel continued as it did in the West Bank, there could be jackboots (like the Nazis)
– Jimmy Carter’s statement to him that an American president had two opportunities to take on the Zionist lobby — the first 9 months in his first term and the last year of his second term, should he have one
– His publication of a quotation by Yasser Arafat that being the head of the PLO was like being the only customer in a brothel with 22 prostitutes (the leaders of the 22 Arab countries)
– His belief that Jews are generally the intellectual leaders of the Western world, and Palestinians are the intellectual leaders of the Arab world, and that if they combined forces, they could truly be a powerful force for good
– His admission that he didn’t come out with what he really thought about 9/11 prior to the publication of his book, so that he wouldn’t be smeared as a “conspiracy theorist”
– His two views about 9/11: That it was either a real operation by Muslims and was later co-opted or that it was a false flag operation from the beginning, with a heavy neo-con influence

Alan Hart is also a regular contributor to the free Canadian e-weekly, the Canadian Charger, whose 2012 fundraiser I recently attended.

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