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Inventing the AIDS Virus

There are plenty of AIDS Rethinker sites on the Web, and Google generally provides good search results for them, but it has been a recent development since July 2011 that Google Alerts have been providing regular updates on the HIV/AIDS scam from a dissident perspective.

Here are the three that I’ve been alerted to in my subscription for “HIV” since then:

The Robert Scott Bell Show a Jon Rappoport, Unapproved Cancer 
By Robert Scott Bell
Jon Rappoport, Unapproved Cancer Cures, HIV Anomaly Cascades, Star Trek GMO Food Monsters (the lost episode), HPV Shot Questioned, Flu and Skin Infections on The Robert Scott Bell Show August 18, 2011 
The Robert Scott Bell ShowThe…

True Tales of HIV Testing
By Liam
July 29, 2011 0. Join Liam and a special guest to discuss the harsh and hidden realities – and fraud – of HIV Testing. Listen online, or Download the show. Review HIV Testing: ReduceTheBurden.org | ARAS.ab.ca/test 
LiamScheff.com — The Myths of Science

Five False Predictions of the AIDS Establishment | BobTuskin.com
By admin
They studied 175 sexually-active long-term couples, one person in each twosome testing HIVpositive, one HIV negative. The pairs entered the study having every kind of sex imaginable, up, down, front and back, with a majority not using 

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